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University of Iowa to Spend Nearly $3 Million on Diversity Efforts This Year

University of Iowa to Spend Nearly $3 Million on Diversity Efforts This Year

“Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”

How many full scholarships could be provided by this massive expense?

The College Fix reports:

This public university will spend nearly $3 million on diversity this year alone

The University of Iowa has earmarked over $2.7 million for its Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for this fiscal year. The budget, a copy of which was obtained by The College Fix, spans nearly 70 different activities and spending categories.

Formerly known as the “Chief Diversity Office,” the division states as its goal achieving “excellence through diversity, equity, and inclusion” by “providing leadership and resources to advance UI’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals, coordinating central diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, advancing recruitment and retention of faculty, students, and staff, enhancing a welcoming, respectful, and inclusive climate for all, and connecting with community diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.”

Director of Legislative Operations and Project Management Ann Frances V. Goff provided The Fix with an itemized budget of the office, which revealed that the largest single share of the $2.7 million is dedicated to the salaries of staff and personnel. Those expenditures total roughly $1.9 million. The division’s website lists 32 individuals under its staff directory.

Spokeswoman Anne Bassett told The Fix via email that the office also currently employs seven student workers. According to the budget, $36,000 is set aside for them.

Another $32,920 of the budget is designated for “Institutional Membership Dues” being paid to organizations like the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity or Association of the Title IX Administrators, costing $10,000 and $5,000 respectively.


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Virtue signaling is very expensive. God forbid that they should use this money on something productive, like scholarships for first-generation college students. It’s much better to hire a token minority to lead an office whose only real goal is to enforce racial discrimination within the school.