What do courses like this offer students, other than the advancement of the progressive agenda?

The College Fix reports:

University offers ‘Problematizing Whiteness’ course

In March, I wrote on the “American Political Thought” course offered by the political science department at the University of Colorado Denver that deliberately removed all white males and their contributions from the curriculum, instead focusing on “voices from the margins.”

The trend of anti-white “wokeness” at CU Denver continued this semester. This spring, its ethnic studies department offered a course called “Problematizing Whiteness: Educating for Racial Justice.”

The syllabus, a copy of which was obtained by The College Fix, spells out its details.

“The study of whiteness has always sought to challenge racism, racial privilege, white supremacy, and colorblind racism. However, to overindulge in the spectacle of ‘white racial epiphanies’ overlooks the ongoing work whites must do to participate in racial justice,” it states. “Beyond the feel-good of momentary White racial awareness lurk enormous concerns about how to continually examine Whiteness in order to uphold antiracism, moreover the fruition of a more racially just society.”

Its instructor, Associate Professor Cheryl Matias, said in an email to The College Fix that whiteness is a term often misunderstood.

“Whiteness is not about culture or white skin as your question presumes,” said Matias, who includes in her email signature the moniker “Motherscholar.”


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