The patriarchy’s plans to destroy women’s sports continues apace.

Craig Telfer, who now goes by CeCe Tefler, recently took home the women’s 400-meter hurdles national title. Prior to transitioning, Tefler competed against men with mediocre results.


From Let’s Run:

Transgender woman CeCe Telfer, who was born and raised as Craig Telfer and competed on the Franklin Pierce University men’s track and field team during her first three years of college, won the women’s 400-meter hurdles national title at the 2019 NCAA Division II Outdoor Track & Field Championships. Telfer dominated the competition, winning in 57.53 as second place was way back in 59.21.

Prior to joining the women’s team this season, Telfer was a mediocre DII athlete who never came close to making it to nationals in the men’s category. In 2016 and 2017, Telfer ranked 200th and 390th, respectively, among DII men in the 400 hurdles (Telfer didn’t run outdoor track in 2018 as either a man or woman). Now she’s the national champion in the event simply because she switched her gender (Telfer’s coach told us that even though she competed on the men’s team her first three years, her gender fluidity was present from her freshman year).

The fact that Telfer can change her gender and immediately become a national champion is proof positive as to why women’s sports needs protection. Telfer ran slightly faster in the 400 hurdles competing as a man (57.34) than as a woman (57.53), even though the men’s hurdles are six inches taller than the women’s hurdles. Yet when Telfer ran 57.34 as a man, she didn’t even score at her conference meet — she was just 10th at the Northeast-10 Outdoor Track and Field Championships in 2016. Now she’s the national champion.

WMUR interviewed Tefler:

“It felt pretty powerful and empowering and just free,” Telfer said of her recent victory in the Division II women’s 400-meter hurdles at the NCAA Women’s Track and Field Championships.

Telfer said her first-place win is the culmination of a long journey on the track and in life.

“The gender dysphoria and the body dysphoria was affecting me more,” she said.

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