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Students at Johns Hopkins Chain Themselves to Stairwell to Protest Police and ICE

Students at Johns Hopkins Chain Themselves to Stairwell to Protest Police and ICE

“will remain in Garland through final exams and the summer months, if need be”

If someone came to this protest and started throwing things at these students, who are now sitting ducks, who would they call?

The College Fix reports:

Johns Hopkins protesters chain themselves to administrative building to protest police, ICE

Student protesters at Johns Hopkins University have taken to chaining themselves to stairwells in the campus’s main administrative building to protest the private campus police force and the school’s contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The sit-in at Garland Hall has reached a month in duration, but demonstrators believe this new tactic “will force the administration to [finally] begin negotiations,” The News-Letter reports.

Protester Adela Chelminski of the group Hopkins Coalition Against ICE said the occupiers “felt ignored” by campus officials and that their “continual demands for negotiations were rebuffed.” She added that protesters were “not going anywhere” and will remain in Garland through final exams and the summer months, if need be.

The Baltimore Sun reports Johns Hopkins President Ronald Daniels stated in a campus-wide letter on Friday that the situation in Garland had been “dramatically escalated” by the protesters and had become a “health and safety” issue.


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johnnycab23513 | May 5, 2019 at 9:48 am

Arrest each and every one of them. And kick those who are so called “students” out of school. They obviously are not attending to receive an education!

So, these “protesters” (actually just incompetent terrorists) think that creating a “health and safety issue” will work to their advantage?

Here’s how “negotiations” would go if I had anything to say about it: “You have ten minutes to unchain yourselves and get to class – or if you’re not a student here, get the hell off campus. If you are still here at the end of ten minutes you will be arrested and expelled. Both. Immediately. The clock starts now.”

And then, I would follow through. Unfortunately, college administrators as a class don’t seem to operate this way. If they did, this kind of idiocy wouldn’t happen so much.

Expel them all.
It’s time administrators did just that- administrate, lead and not cave to irresponsible, law-breaking, inconsiderate students.

Gremlin1974 | May 5, 2019 at 2:16 pm

Best response ever was from the admin at OSU.

(Paraphrased)”We understand your points and we are warning you that if you don’t vacate then you will be arrested and expelled at 5pm today. We want you to have all the information so you can make good adult choices.”

Video of actual discussion with the toddlers…I mean protesters.

It warms my heart everytime I watch that video.

Spray them with skunk essence while they are cuffed to stairs.

Leave them chained there. No food breaks, no potty breaks, nothing. If they want to be chained there so badly, simply accommodate them.

These kids don’t go to the bathroom? They don’t eat? It’s all fake. The kids come and go as they please. If the college wanted to end it, it would take 30 seconds. Simply tell them they have 30 seconds to leave or the Police will be called in to arrest them and they will be expelled. No second chances. If they leave fine and if they don’t even better. The school won’t do it because the agree with what the students are doing.