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Prof Claims Serial Killer Ted Bundy is an Example of White Privilege

Prof Claims Serial Killer Ted Bundy is an Example of White Privilege

“has been wrongly mythologized — largely due to his ‘white male privilege.’”

This is a hot take to end all hot takes. Wow.

The College Fix reports:

Prof: Serial killer Ted Bundy another example of ‘white privilege’

A women, gender, and sexuality studies professor at Florida Atlantic University says infamous serial killer Ted Bundy is yet another example of “white privilege.”

Professor Jane Caputi, whose research speciality is contemporary American cultural studies (which includes “popular culture, gender and violence, and ecofeminism”) recently told that Bundy “has been wrongly mythologized — largely due to his ‘white male privilege.’”

“[Bundy] never got into the law school he wanted to,” Caputi said. “He was a nose-picker, a nailbiter, not well liked as a child, he tortured frogs — his own opinion of himself preceded everything and the media did just buy that.”

[Caputi] doesn’t buy into the suave, sophisticated, charming “boy next door” portrait of Bundy that’s been constructed by the media she said — and which has captivated imaginations — for more than four decades.

Caputi, who has wrote about Bundy in her 1987 book “The Age of Sex Crime,” believes Bundy’s perceived suave demeanor was actually white privilege in disguise.

“He’s the very picture of — overtly of — innocence but on the underside of that he’s the very picture of the criminal enterprise,” she explained.

She specifically cited the unusual luxuries Bundy was afforded during his trial and incarceration, such as minimal prison library supervision, which led to two botched jailbreaks.

“[Bundy] escaped twice,” Caputi added. “He escaped the first time by jumping out the window because he was left unshackled and unsupervised. And at this point is suspected of killing how many women? So that’s white male privilege.


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healthguyfsu | May 6, 2019 at 12:53 pm

Someone has been doing netflix and chill too much (Neftlix has two originals on Bundy right now)

Just another SJW trying to top all the other SJW’s for crazy.

I mean, was Bundy’s execution an example of privilege too?

Bundy escaped from the CO prison because he’d dropped 40 pounds after eating next to nothing for a couple of months. He’d devised a well-thought-out plan to escape by climbing through the ceiling, and he needed to be a lot lighter weight to make it work. Bundy was sneaky, cunning, and very determined, as many sociopaths are. His escapes were simply a matter of outsmarting the not-terribly-bright prison guards; it had nothing to do with the fictitious “white privilege” nonsense. A black, or hispanic, or Asian sociopath inmate could have done the same, if they’d been willing to put the time and effort into planning the escapes that Bundy did.

Also, all of Bundy’s many rape and murder victims were also white. Were they also “privileged”? My guess is that as they were being beaten, bitten, ripped apart, raped, and murdered by that freak, they weren’t feeling terribly privileged by their skin color.

Lots of vicious murderers have been romanticized by the media and portrayed in popular culture as something much better than they really were/are: Che Guevara, Mumia abu Jamal, Joanne Chesimard (aka Assata Shakur), etc. Are these non-white killers also beneficiaries of “white privilege”?

So that’s what “white privilege” is?

Damn, I’ve been doing it all wrong.

Anyone who talks about “social justice” doesn’t care about “justice” or “equal justice for all”.

Massinsanity | May 7, 2019 at 10:59 am

Your first sentence nails it, the only way to get noticed in XYZ “Studies” is to say more and more wildly outlandish and, frankly, stupid things. That is the game.

How does one study eco Feminism? Where is the course material? Where are the great writings on eco feminism? Imagine making 400k as a Professor in a field you just make up as you go along.