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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Jumps Into Democratic Primary Using Same Old Rhetoric

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Jumps Into Democratic Primary Using Same Old Rhetoric

Corporations! Wealthy! Orange Man Bad!

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his candidacy for the 2020 Democratic primary with a video that contains all the popular rhetoric and buzzwords leftists love to use. From The Washington Examiner (emphasis mine):

“As president I will take on the wealthy, I will take on the big corporations, and I will not rest until this government serves working people,” he said in an announcement video released Thursday called “Working People First.”

Additionally, he took a swipe at President Trump and said that the president “must be stopped.”

“I’m a New Yorker. I’ve known Trump’s ability for a long time. This is not news to me or anyone else here, and I know how to take him on,” de Blasio said.

Oh the irony! A rich white male who wanted Amazon in his backyard complaining about the rich and corporations.

You know what never gets old for me? Wealthy people who want to take on the wealthy, but for some strange reason, that action exempts their wealth. Last I saw, de Blasio had a net worth of $145 million.

If de Blasio wants to take on corporations, why doesn’t he start in his city? I bet that will go over well.

Like I said before, de Blasio wanted Amazon, the country’s largest corporation, to build its headquarters in New York city. He then threw a fit when Amazon chose not to after backlash from people like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Let’s look at polling. An April Quinnipiac poll showed that 76% of New York City voters did not want him to run for president.

A March Quinnipiac poll found that only 24% of New York state voters approved of de Blasio. 49% do not like him.

In New York City? Only 36% found him favorable.

On strategist told The New York Post those in New York City did not like how he chose to travel around the country earlier this year, including to states like Iowa and New Hampshire:

Noting de Blasio’s poor showing, another political expert said the mayor likely did himself no favors by gallivanting around the country flirting with a White House run.

“New Yorkers have a long history of warm regard for mayors like La Guardia and Bloomberg, who see [the mayoralty] as a 24/7 mission, and that’s not in de Blasio’s personal job description, it seems,” said political strategist Gerry O’Brien.

“Some voters have a perception that he has an up-at-the-crack-of-noon attitude. He’s often late to events, and that is part of what you see reflected in that Q poll.”

While he hasn’t announced a 2020 run, de Blasio has made trips to the early-voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina in recent weeks. He is also heading to Washington, DC, this weekend to appear at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference Monday and Tuesday.

“My advice would be to take the subway to all parts of the city instead of going to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina,” Schoen said.

Just three days ago, de Blasio held a rally “to capture national attention” for all that he has done for the environment, especially a bill passed in April that “mandates buildings larger than 25,000 square feet cut their emissions or face fines.”

He held the rally in the lobby of Trump tower and it turned out just as anyone would expect. From Politico:

The news conference, held in the lobby of Trump Tower, was designed to put the president “on notice,” de Blasio said, for the pollution emitted by Trump’s buildings. But the event, moved inside at the last minute due to rain, was more of a circus than a rally. Much of the mayor’s roughly eight-minute speech was drowned out by music played at curiously high volumes in the lobby, protesters shouting, “You suck,” among other profanities, and several people riding the escalators behind the mayor, toting signs that read “Trump 2020” and “Worst Mayor Ever.”

The din was so loud, de Blasio had to leave his lectern and request reporters walk forward just so he could hear their questions.

However, de Blasio could not “name any other landlords with high-emissions buildings” and people found it gross that he drove to the event since he has a reputation for using “a gas-guzzling SUV to a local gym.”

This is all hilarious. I bet he doesn’t even get past Iowa, but his smug attitude tells me he will not give up.


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“Hey, everyone else is doing it! I’m not going to be the only American communist not running for president!
That’s not who I am!”

DeBlahsio, the Sandinista candidate for President. His slogan is a good comrade slogan.

Just one more clown in the car. I shudder to think, but Prof. Jacobson has said more than once there is someone lurking in the wings…

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Jumps Into Democratic Primary Using Same Old Rhetoric

Yeah, the 2020 Dimocrat race needs more cowbell.

Just think how many more billions of dollars deBlasio’s crooked wife can rip off from taxpayers for her phony “mental health initiatives” if he gets access to the federal printing presses! It’ll make the billion dollars she has ripped off from NY taxpayers look like pocket change.

Just another Democrat with “a public position and a private position.”

If we pay attention to what they do, and compare it to what they say, we will know what those private positions are, and also who their real constituents are.

It’s like the dem strategy is to have so many candidates that they cancel each other out. All I’m seeing with each new “I’m running for President” announcement is a copy of a copy of a copy that’s been copied so many times that it’s hard to make out what the original was. That’s the dem version of “Winning”, I suppose.

I’m confused–isn’t he one of the wealthy?

Poor Bill needs a job. He won’t get this one.

His campaign slogan–“Twenty-three and Me”

I have seen the net worth figure of $145million repeated elsewhere, but when I try to substantiate it, I have found no back up…I have also seen net worth of approximately $2million, which includes a couple of rental properties. If he is indeed worth the greater number, I would think that the New York media might have taken interest, since he has spent his whole adult life in campaign management or in city government bureaucracy. It is possible the $145 million was because of a misplaced decimal point. I am no fan of the Mayor or his wife, but there are enough reasons to dislike him already, no need to repeat errors. If the $145million is accurate, then surely some investigative Journalist should be digging feverishly…..after all, he is not a U.S. Congressman who would have come by his millions honestly.

    after all, he is not a U.S. Congressman who would have come by his millions honestly.

    Ha, Ha, Ha,Ha, Stop, yer killin’ me 🙂

    Milhouse in reply to rangered. | May 16, 2019 at 5:20 pm

    Yeah, I’m flabbergasted by that figure. He does own two houses on 11th St, Brooklyn, that must be worth close to $2M each, and probably has some nice investment funds, so I could believe $7M or so.

healthguyfsu | May 16, 2019 at 12:38 pm

Republicans used this approach last year. I think it is a fundraising scheme.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think donations can be transferred to other candidates or other political races once a candidate drops out.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I think donations can be transferred to other candidates or other political races once a candidate drops out.

    Bob the fake Mexican didn’t share his huge pile of cash although the dems begged him to help out. Funny how dems with money never seem to want to share their money. Greed. Is good.

John Sullivan | May 16, 2019 at 12:44 pm

The NY Post and NY Daily News agree on next to nothing, except for their mutual contempt for de Blasio. Even NYC Democrats dislike him. He got lucky in a Democrat primary 6 years ago and has coasted ever since.

In German, “blasen” is slang for oral sex, so I can’t ever see the name “de Blasio” without thinking “cocksucker.”

Thank goodness! The Democrats needed one more clown in their car so it would be funnier watching them pour out.

he has a reputation for using “a gas-guzzling SUV to a local gym.”

NOT a local gym. There are plenty of gyms that are local to Gracie Mansion, but he doesn’t drive to any of them. Nor does he walk. Instead every day he has his official NYPD driver, and his NYPD escort car, drive all the way to my neighborhood so he can use the same gym he used to use when he lived here. Not just wasting fossil fuels, but causing congestion and inconvenience, and taking up two parking spaces. Every morning one can see his police escort idling, waiting outside the gym while he’s inside doing his thing. For what? Let him walk somewhere in Manhattan. Or at least take the F train like Bloomberg used to do.

    rangered in reply to Milhouse. | May 16, 2019 at 7:41 pm

    As Instapundit has said for years, I will believe there is a global climate emergency when the people telling us there is start to act like it. If Humanity only had 10 more years to exist, wouldn’t there be something other than the Kardashians and Real Housewives of Where Evah to worry about? Say our eternal souls or something? A.O.C.’s garbage disposal? Nah….

Bill de Blasio gets my vote for…”Least Self-Aware Politician”.

He should team up Kamala Harris and hit the campaign trail…
(I can see it now) ANNOUNCING….
The Disingenuous, Say Whatever It Takes Tour…!!!!!!!!

But what would they call this combo???
How bout…The Clueless and the Yakety-Yak…
Or… The Shrew and The Screw You !!!!!

(Bill, Kamala….I’m here to help, call me)

The more the merrier. And it helps split up the campaign cash among a whole bunch of losers.
I see Stacy of Georgia thinks she could enter the race in the fall and win.
The definition of winning though does not coincide with what she has called her victory in the governor race of Georgia. But hey, lets get her into the money race also. Dems need to spread their wealth.

How does DeBlasio have 145 million? He’s always been a politician. How did he make that kind of money?