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Mueller Spokesman Denies Michael Wolff’s Claim He Drafted Indictments of Trump

Mueller Spokesman Denies Michael Wolff’s Claim He Drafted Indictments of Trump

“The documents that you’ve described do not exist.”

Remember when everyone on the left gushed over Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury about President Donald Trump’s White House even after he admitted it has parts that are not true?

Well, Wolff wrote another book called Siege: Trump Under Fire, which The Guardian obtained. Wolff claimed Special Counsel Robert Mueller “drew up an indictment of Trump that named three counts of obstruction of justice.”

Mueller’s spokesman immediately shot down Wolff’s claims.

The Guardian wrote that the indictment section is one of the most central and exciting parts of the book. The author said the publication read the documents as well.

From The Guardian:

Wolff writes that the draft indictment he examines says Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice “began on the seventh day of his administration, tracing the line of obstruction from National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s lies to the FBI about his contacts with Russian representative[s], to the president’s efforts to have [FBI director] James Comey protect Flynn, to Comey’s firing, to the president’s efforts to interfere with the special counsel’s investigation, to his attempt to cover up his son and son-in-law’s meeting with Russian governmental agents, to his moves to interfere with Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe’s testimony …”

The draft indictment, Wolff writes, also spelled out what Mueller considered to be the overriding theme of Trump’s presidency: the “extraordinary lengths” taken “to protect himself from legal scrutiny and accountability, and to undermine the official panels investigating his actions”.

According to Wolff, Mueller endured tortured deliberations over whether to charge the president, and even more tortured deliberations over the president’s power to dismiss him or his boss, the then deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein. Mueller ultimately demurred, Wolff writes, but his team’s work gave rise to as many as 13 other investigations that led to cooperating witness plea deals from Michael Cohen, David Pecker of American Media and Trump Organization accountant Allen Weisselberg.

“The Jews always flip,” was Trump’s comment on those deals, according to Wolff.

One problem. Mueller’s spokesman Peter Carr said: “The documents that you’ve described do not exist.”

Did Wolff hand over fake documents to The Guardian? Did The Guardian lie about reading the documents?

I can dream that the left and #NeverTrump people will brush aside Wolff and his newest fiction book, but I doubt it. They cried and whined after Mueller’s report showed no collusion between Trump and Russia. They hated the fact that Mueller remained quiet on whether Trump should have obstruction charges thrown at him. Quite a few Democrats have not dropped impeachment talks no matter how many times Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tries to stop them.


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The man who cried wolf.

Still trying to stay relevant.

He looks creepy.

    bear in reply to Firewatch. | May 28, 2019 at 5:31 pm

    Mr. Firewatch, I believe you have nailed it. I wonder, also, if he has taken crazy-eye-bulging lessons from AOC and Schiffty.

      txvet2 in reply to bear. | May 28, 2019 at 7:13 pm

      That’s the characteristic look of a liar trying to appear sincere. The eyebrows go up, the eyes get wide, he leans a little forward…..

WallyWorldorBust | May 28, 2019 at 5:36 pm

More salacious gossip being heralded as gospel truth by the drive by media.
Is anyone really surprised by this? IMr Wolff sold somewhere around 5 million copies of this book. I can state with certainty that at least somewhere around 5 million dupes that are. I can happily say I’m not one of them.

Mueller did a bang-up job of clearing DJT of that whole “collusion” smear. Probably a better job than anyone else in Washington could have done.

So why would the President want to obstruct something which benefited him so much? The claim is too silly to take seriously.

Wolff, of course, can make money pedaling this fiction. But who else has that excuse?

“The documents you’ve described do not exist”, is NOT THE SAME THING as saying, “We didn’t do it”.

It’s Clintonian in its precision.

It sounds like Mueller and company had a whole bunch of ‘secret’ meetings on exactly this subject, but never actually put anything on paper.

    Of that, I have no doubt. In fact it would surprise me to find out the Mueller team did *not* have meetings where they brought up each potential charge and proceeded to ‘poke’ at it to see if it would be practical to prosecute, and a part of that poking process would be to write up a charge with the phrasing that would be used in the event they decided to proceed.

    Thankfully, the President and his campaign, and later his administration, was totally innocent of the charge of colluding with Russian interests to interfere in the election. That takes a massive amount of wind out of the sails of any prosecution, and all the huffing and puffing of the MSM and their Democrat allies is just hot air.

Follow the money: the left is out to loot the nation. Wolf, for his cooperation, is paid off with this idiotic book deal.

Of course it’s b.s.

This gets better every day. Makes my cynical self start to believe that there will actually be consequences for these creeps….

If the book is provably false and the Publisher knows it, is it the Publisher’s job to stop publication? Even though Trump is a public figure, it is still libelous.

casualobserver | May 29, 2019 at 9:39 am

The beauty of the U.S. still clutching onto the remnants of a free and open culture is that scam artists like Wolfe can get extremely wealthy by writing fantasy screeds. P.T. Barnum would be proud.

“The Jews always flip.” I need nothing further in Wolff’s dumpster fire screed to show me the whole thing is a leftist charade. Are these the words of a man whose beloved daughter converted to Judaism, whose beloved grandchildren are Jewish, whose administration is the only one with the balls to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? Tin-eared dipshit.