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Liberals Up the Hyperbole as Conservatives Win in Australia’s Election

Liberals Up the Hyperbole as Conservatives Win in Australia’s Election

It’s the end of the world apparently.

Australia’s election saw conservatives soar to the top as voters rejected the liberals talking points on climate change and raising taxes. Gee, you mean people have more concerns about money in the pockets and providing for their families.

Just like in America, liberals cannot believe voters would do this and gone into a meltdown.


Three long years? Good Lord.

Another “woke” child? I highly doubt that. Holy cow the hyperbole.

You reject climate change? You’re responsible for the deaths!

How dare you think for yourself?

It’s Murdoch’s fault!

How dare you ignore climate change!

Oh look. The usual accusations against conservatives.

Just WOW.

You caused premiums to go up!


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You can fool all of the people some of the time, …..

A. Lincoln

They can’t lose gracefully anywhere on the planet.

    artichoke in reply to Dave. | May 20, 2019 at 3:34 pm

    They have tremendous energy though. When we win and expect a clear shot to govern for a few years, they stop at nothing to “interrupt” (another word they like) that. In the USA it was the Mueller “probe” which they are still clinging to.

    Who knows what sh*t they’ll try to pull in Australia, now that the plan to win the election didn’t work out?

Good to know that liberals are consistently hysterical when they lose, regardless of where they live.

    irv in reply to rochf. | May 20, 2019 at 12:48 pm

    I know it’s been a while, so maybe you don’t remember. Liberals are also hysterical when they win. It’s just who they are.

even MORE deliciousness outcomes from the Australian election – the largest news broadcaster there is ABC, the Australian Broadcasting Company. In spite of being government owned and operated (much like the BBC) they are notorious for being a far left outfit and deeply political. They are as bad as any leftist MSM outlet in this country, and worse than most.

So here’s a news item this morning, as a result of the election results: “Very Grim – ABC staff brace for painful job and programming cuts: The Coalitions (ie, conservatives) surprise election victory will see $84 Million slashed from the national broadcasters budget.”

I would suggest “progressive” as the better term as “liberal” in Oz is best used for the “conservatives”. Left is left everywhere in the world though. I do hope the world is coming to an end for the Left but decay is all about. Even the Swiss now want to be more like the EU as they embrace EU gun control…maybe good thoughts will be ammo of the future for them.

These leftists cannot comprehend losing because they cannot think like we think. As an example, I came across this part of a book review on Goodreads for Adam Grant’s Give and Take:

“After I read the NY Times profile on Adam Grant last year, this book has been on my list. The idea that giving and being generous with your time will help you get ahead in life seemed sort of interesting. Now that I’m in social work school, I think that most of his argument is bullshit, and is written for business/finance/wealthy people in general. Grant writes from a place of incredible privilege (white, male, educated, wealthy, heterosexual, you name it), and the premise of the book is that by caring about other people, you will make more money. He says that it doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game, that by helping others to be successful, you help yourself also. The big issue for me is that the book is full of examples of well-off people helping other well-off people. Sure, Grant threw in a story about a young, white, female Teach for America teacher in Philadelphia mentoring poor Black teenagers… but as far as I remember, that was the only anecdote about a person helping other people who could truly be described as “disadvantaged”.”

This person is not educated but is indoctrinated. He aggressively states a narrative filled with labels, biases, and logical fallacies. How could somebody who sees the world like this do anything but meltdown? Gratuitous assertions backed up with violence are their only tools. They are completely unarmed if faced with logic, reason, or liberty. The election results are why voter integrity is something to be feared.

Damn that 2nd Amendment say they. Thank God say me.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to TX-rifraph. | May 20, 2019 at 12:53 pm

    “(white, male, educated, wealthy, heterosexual, you name it)”

    Interesting that he acknowledges that hetrosexual is better off.

When I go to the twitter accounts of the hysterics, I see something very different than a concern about climate. Rather they are all far left globalists and open borders advocates seeking to fundamentally change Australia. Climate is clearly a means to an end.

I used to like Yanis Varoufakis and thought he was blindsided by what Tsipras did. Now I wonder if he wasn’t on board with the plan to sell out the Greek people to the Eurocrats all along.

I lived over 30 years in Australia, son & daughter still there in Western Australia.

The best places I ever found in Australia were in the outback; the small towns & rugged places have rugged people who look after themselves & don’t expect anything from anybody. They’re tough, independent, and the nicest people you’ll find anywhere in the world.

City folks are like a different species, and are much the same as city folks here: they’re far to the left of the outback Aussies & far more globalist, green & open-borders. Unfortunately, the city folk outnumber the country folk by a country mile, and so leftist policies have been increasing for decades because the city folk vote for it.

The election results blew me away; like Pres. Trump’s election here, it was a surprise that no one saw coming, but I’m ecstatic! I’ve been so afraid that Australia was ditching coal, which they have in abundance, for windmills & solar, which are sadly unreliable. This result means that the globalization & “green” power won’t happen- at least not at such a rapid rate as to bankrupt the country, fingers crossed!

Let’s just hope that Morrison makes the most of this life-line he’s been given. Personally I liked Tony Abbott much better, but he got the axe & is no longer in gov’t at all; the Left had it in for him, and they finally succeeded, which is a sad loss for Oz.

It’s the end of the world apparently.

Sting it, Skeeter!

George_Kaplan | May 21, 2019 at 12:37 am

Just to confuse folks, Liberal is actually the party conservatives in Australia tend to vote for whilst Labor is the major left-wing party. Consequently many, but far from all, Liberals are conservative – many of the left-wing (US liberal) Liberals quit before the election as they believed Labor would win and they wanted to quit before their pay was cut, which would happen if they quit after being elected into opposition rather than government. Confused now? 🙂

As an aside, it’s not fascism that the Left object to, but rule by the non-Left.