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Left Wing Groups Pressuring Colleges to Blacklist Members of Trump Admin

Left Wing Groups Pressuring Colleges to Blacklist Members of Trump Admin

“Disgraced former officials should not be offered cushy fellowships”

The left owns academia and they use their influence to preserve their power.

PJ Media reports:

38 Leftist Groups Urge Colleges, Universities to Blacklist Trump Admin. Officials

On Wednesday, a coalition of leftist groups sent an open letter to college and university leaders demanding that they formally blacklist any Trump administration officials involved in the demonized “family separation” policy. The pressure groups also released full-page ads in campus newspapers, including The Harvard Crimson, The Stanford Daily, and the University of Virginia’s The Cavalier Daily.

“America’s college and university leaders have a moral responsibility to make it clear that the administration officials responsible for this horrific policy will not be allowed to seek refuge in their classrooms, lecture halls, or auditoriums,” Karl Frisch, spokesperson for Restore Public Trust, declared in a statement. “Disgraced former officials should not be offered cushy fellowships to rehabilitate their image or be given space to explain to students why they were only ‘doing their jobs.’”

The pressure campaign included an open letter to colleges and universities, pushing the fake news that “children were torn away from their parents and placed in cages.” Photos purporting to reveal the Trump administration’s policy of placing children in cages actually came from a protest against the Trump administration, and from 2014 under the Obama administration. “Restore Public Trust” is indeed an Orwellian name for an organization peddling fake news in order to demonize American public servants.

“An image other administrations would have avoided at all costs, but one that the Trump administration hoped would send a message to migrant families heading north for asylum: if you come here, this could happen to you,” the Restore Public Trust letter declares.


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healthguyfsu | May 3, 2019 at 11:44 am

I’m glad the leftist zealots are so brazen about it. If the campuses cave, then it is just further confirms the narrative about political bias of taxpayer-funded universities.

It’s time to send the 82nd Airborne to campus with conservative speakers. Let the antifi deal with fixed bayonets.