This is easy to believe, for some reason. Will he be asked about it by anyone in the media? Unlikely.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Biden reminisced about stealing lingerie in college

Joe Biden once joked about his preoccupation with college “panty raids,” a 1950s fad in which male students would burst into female accommodations and take women’s underwear.

According to the text of a Dec. 3, 1986 speech to the National League of Cities in San Antonio, Texas — archived at the Library of Congress — Biden, now 76, recalled watching John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address as a senior in high school and said the speech “kindled the bonfire that started all over again.”

“For those of you who look back on it and say, ‘Things are different now than they were then,’ let me remind you — in 1959 and early 1960, there was no great movement on the college campuses. The only thing we were concerned about in those days was jobs and panty raids,” he said.

Biden said Kennedy’s comments about a “new generation of Americans” prompted him to get interested in politics, a feeling he said he nearly forgot after over a decade in politics.

“You know, I’ve been in this job so long that I almost forgot what got me involved,” he said in the 1986 speech. “I almost forgot how I used to feel and how good I used to feel about what I do.”


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