The Palestinian rocket barrage on Israeli civilian communities continues unabated today. In all, over 500 rockets have been fired on Israeli cities and towns, causing at least four Israeli civilian deaths.

Homes and the maternity ward of a hospital have been hit, among other civilian locations in Israel. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are threatening to expand the rocket fire to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and even further north.

Since the rocket fire started on Friday, Israel had limited retaliation to empty buildings, both terrorist and mixed use (only after warning was given to the civilians to evacuate).

It didn’t work at stopping the rocket fire.

(added) Hamas has built up an extensive and long-range rocket arsenal, as this Haaretz graphic explains:

Israel appears ready to stop playing this empty-building game. A senior Hamas commander, responsible for the transfer of Iranian cash to terror groups in Gaza, has been killed in a strike on his car as it was driving through Gaza city. The terrorist has been identified as Hamed Ahmed Khudari (also spelled, Ahmed Abed Khudari, Hamed al-Khoudary, Hamed Hamdan El Hadary).

Israel National News reports:

Israeli forces killed a senior Hamas terrorist Sunday who had been responsible for smuggling Iranian cash into the Gaza Strip, an IDF spokesperson said in a statement.

Hamed Ahmed Abed Khudari, 34, was eliminated in an Israeli airstrike Sunday afternoon, as part of a large-scale Israeli retaliation against a massive wave of rocket attacks from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Gaza health officials confirmed Sunday afternoon that Khudari had been killed in an Israeli airstrike…

Khudari, 34, was the owner of a money-changing company which had been declared a terrorist group in 2018, and had smuggled large amounts of cash from Iran to Islamic Jihad and Hamas, providing the cash-strapped terrorist groups with much-needed foreign currency.

Israeli security forces say Khudari’s elimination was a joint effort of the IDF and Shin Bet internal security agency.

“A short while ago, Hamed Ahmed Abed Khudari,” an IDF spokesperson said, “was killed in a joint IDF and ISA operation. Khudari was responsible for substantial cash transfers from Iran to terror organizations operating within the Gaza Strip.

The IDF is not being shy about claiming credit for the targeted killing, tweeting:

We just targeted Hamed Ahmed Khudari, a Gazan terrorist responsible for transferring Iranian funds to Hamas & PIJ in Gaza, helping fund their rocket fire at Israelis.

Transferring Iranian money to Hamas & the PIJ doesn’t make you a businessman. It makes you a terrorist.

Israeli has not used targeted killings in several years. It appears that has changed, and the rocket barrage has finally caused Israel to take the gloves off. The Hamas-aligned Shehab News Agency posted this video of an unidentified man on a motorcycle being targeted.

[click image for video]

We will continue to update events as they take place.

The IDF just released video of the targeting:




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