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Instructor at University of Oxford Says Space Aliens Are Breeding With Humans

Instructor at University of Oxford Says Space Aliens Are Breeding With Humans

“also claims to know what the aliens have in mind”

Here’s the best part: he believes the aliens are doing this because they’re prepping for climate change.

NBC News reports:

Space aliens are breeding with humans, university instructor says. Scientists say otherwise.

Maybe you’ve never seen any space aliens, but recent polls indicate that up to 6 percent of Americans claim to have been abducted by them. The experience doesn’t sound pleasant. The extraterrestrials are often said to take their captives to their saucers, lay them out on a table and extract sperm from the men and impregnate the women.

If you’re familiar with UFO lore, you know there are a couple of common explanations for these breeding experiments. One is that the aliens are in a reproductive bind on their home world: They can no longer successfully procreate and so have come to Earth to use humans as incubators to spawn alien offspring. The other is that the aliens are producing hybrid beings that will somehow help them take over our planet.

Scientists, of course, are dubious of such claims. After all, there’s never been any good evidence that the abductions are taking place. No one ever seems to bring along a cellphone to take photos or to pocket an artifact from the saucers.

But an instructor at the University of Oxford in England believes the abductions are real. Young-hae Chi, who teaches Korean at the university, also claims to know what the aliens have in mind. In lectures given at the university, he says they’re creating alien-human hybrids as a hedge against climate change. To support his unorthodox theory, Chi notes that for several decades the number of reported alien abductions has risen.


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OK, I don’t buy the climate change theory, ( Why would aliens want a hedge against climate change? It doesn’t effect them.) but I can accept the idea that aliens are breeding with humans and creating hybrids.

It goes a long way to explaining the Kardashians.

PS: I have never seen alien lore where the abductee has sperm taken from them or impregnated. The stories UI have heard all involve anal probes.