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Hampshire College Cutting Over 80 Positions

Hampshire College Cutting Over 80 Positions

“We asked every division of the College to reduce its budget. We have to reduce our workforce”

The situation at Hampshire College is not improving. There’s not even a guarantee that these cuts will be enough to make a difference.

Mass Live reports:

Hampshire College cuts 82 positions

Hampshire College announced Tuesday that 58 of its faculty are retiring or taking reduced roles as the college continues to deal with an ongoing budget crisis.

All the faculty moves were voluntary, said college spokesman John Courtmanche. Some of the faculty will be visiting professors at other the four other Five Colleges institutions and will still be available to Hampshire Students as teachers and advisers.

All told, there will be 73 faculty available to students as teaches and advisers after the cuts. That’ll be down from 114, he said.

The staffing cutbacks are effective July 1, the start of the college’s new fiscal year.

Also Tuesday, interim president Kenneth Rosenthal said 24 more staff members have been laid off and contracts were not renewed for a number of visiting faculty.

Hampshire College had already announced nine layoffs among its administrative staff.

Earlier this year, Hampshire employed about 400 people, including 250 staff and 150 faculty members.

“We asked every division of the College to reduce its budget. We have to reduce our workforce, and seeing friends and colleagues leave couldn’t be harder. But we are also a deeply caring community, and I hope we can do our best to support each other through this change and transition,” Rosenthal wrote in a letter to faculty, staff and students.


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Gonna need a Dean For Disposition department to develop an online program for non-resident instructors and students. Maybe they can outsource their academic programs to Oberlin College.

How many of these cuts were in bullshit areas like “diversity officers?”