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Communist Group Launches Advertising and Recruiting Campaign at UCLA

Communist Group Launches Advertising and Recruiting Campaign at UCLA

“Revolution is the only solution.”

Will anyone protest this move? It certainly deserves criticism.

Campus Reform reports:

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Revolutionary Communists’ descend on UCLA; advocate ‘overthrow of the system’

Members of the Revolutionary Communist Party of America launched an advertising campaign at the University of California-Los Angeles in early May by chalking and distributing signage in an apparent effort to recruit college students to subscribe to their communist ideology.

The group set up signs, handed out flyers, and wrote out chalk markings, as seen in photos obtained by Campus Reform, even after being asked by staff and housing officials to stop their activities. The group’s distributed manifesto condemned capitalism, as well as “jokes” based on race, gender, nationality, etc. Chalked markings on the ground and walls asked students to speak.

The Communists remained in the campus dorms, known as “The Hill”, for several hours before leaving.

Sections D3, D8, and D10 of UCLA’s On-Campus Housing Regulations forbid using housing spaces without permission, chalking and signing on The Hill without UCLA approval — the failure of the group’s signage to be in Residential Life display cases indicates this was not obtained — and advertising a non-university organization without approval, respectively. However, according to UCLA’s On Campus Conduct Policy, there exists no process for sanctioning non-resident violations.

A whiteboard displayed by the group bore the message “Revolution is the only solution.”


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I’m confused. You mean there are people at UCLA who aren’t already members? Who knew?

The RCP has been around since the late ’60s, when they were known as RU (Revolutionary Union). Started in Berkeley as interest in Maoism and Marxism-Leninism surged after the international events of ’68. After SDS imploded (due to a takeover by Progressive Labor), RU decided to re-brand themselves as a party (1975), the Revolutionary Communist Party, and spread nationwide.

They were led by Bob Avakian, whose father was a respected judge. I think Bob is still alive, in France. They slowly became quite dogmatic and somewhat cultish, but they have hung in there, even after the Maoist ‘pre-party’ movement collapsed in the mid-80s. They have signature chants and posters and are quite opportunist, joining every political conflict they can find. You can find them at BLM protests, anti-Confederacy protests, antifa ‘actions’, all sorts of places. Their cadre will drive distances to local ‘struggles’ and get into leadership of them while looking for recruits.

Interestingly, they seem to be still Leninists of sorts. Most of the 70s radicals either got on with their lives or became Gramsciians and entered the ‘establishment institutions’ as neo-Marxists, where they are now in leadership, but not as an organized party like the RCP.

The RCP tends to like ‘surges’: they will lie low when things are ‘non-revolutionary’ and then when their Central Committee makes a decision, they will become active in a specific area. Looks like they’ve chosen campuses for this one.

They have a web site and more info is in Wikipedia.