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Washington State Bias Response Team ‘Trains’ Students How to Deal With College Republicans

Washington State Bias Response Team ‘Trains’ Students How to Deal With College Republicans

“identifying potentially violent situations”

This is classic projection. Last month a conservative student was violently attacked at Berkeley, but the left is trying to paint Republicans as the potentially violent ones.

Campus Reform reports:

WSU teaches students how to handle College Republicans at bias training

Washington State University’s Bias Advisory Response Team planned two de-escalation trainings in late March and early April with the purpose of trying to help students learn how to manage public encounters like a recent College Republicans event.

WSU Police Sgt. Dawn Daniels helped set up the event because she thought it was necessary given the rise of “programs that are controversial,” The Daily Evergreen reported.

“We are starting to see more programs that are controversial, and we think this would help students navigate through these kinds of situations in school and in life,” Daniels told the Daily Evergreen.

Charlie Powell, the WSU college of veterinary medicine public information officer, spoke at the training about identifying potentially violent situations. Powell held the late March session to address the WSU College Republicans’ plan to host a border wall replica event, an event they previously did in 2016.

WSU College Republicans President Amir Rezamand suggested to Campus Reform that his group was being blamed for people on the left not being able to act in a civil manner: “The implication that we are somehow linked to possible violent situations is especially egregious. We have been assaulted at our events, never the other way around.”


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The WSU Vet School is not a bunch of snowflakes. In fact, I bet many or most of them are Republicans.

The way I interpret what they’re doing at WSU is that they’re preparing to deal with Antifa and other Red Guard organizations who will come from Seattle and Portland and attempt to disrupt anything the College Republicans try to do. You’ve probably seen videos of the chaos they’ve caused in Seattle and Portland.

I don’t see any implication that the WSU administration expects the College Republicans to cause any trouble. I believe they want to prevent the leftist groups from exercising a heckler’s veto. Frankly, I hope the WSU Police will make sure their Tasers are fully charged and use them on anyone wearing a face mask.

healthguyfsu | April 7, 2019 at 9:23 am

These things are not “controversial”.

The problem is that people have lost the ability to act like adults and handle public encounters due to social media and cell phone/online addiction.