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Villanova Prof to Give Lecture Justifying Antifa “Activism”

Villanova Prof to Give Lecture Justifying Antifa “Activism”

“will challenge the violence/nonviolence binary that limits our understanding of activist practices”

It’s amazing to watch people on the left constantly accuse conservatives of participating in and inciting violence when the opposite is true and the left are the perpetrators.

The College Fix reports:

Villanova professor to give lecture justifying Antifa violence

There’s room for one more scholar justifying the political violence of antifascists against whomever they brand a white supremacist, right?

Villanova University’s Billie Murray is giving a campus lecture April 24 titled “Reimagining Activism as Combative.” As noted by Rod Dreher at The American Conservative, “It sounds like she is going to give a lecture on why antifa is right to beat people up”:

In this presentation, Dr. Billie Murray will challenge the violence/nonviolence binary that limits our understanding of activist practices. Drawing on examples from her fieldwork with anti-fascist activists, she will argue that we should reimagine activism as combative. Such an expanded understanding will allow us to better discern the efficacy and ethics of combative tactics and how they work in concert with traditional, nonviolent activism.

Lest you think this is a distorted outlier of Murray’s work, the communication professor and “rhetorical activist scholar” has mixed her paper trail with activism against “white supremacists and other hate groups.” The University of California Press is planning to publish her forthcoming book on her blend of academia and activism.


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Antifa is simply the SS of the Social Democrat (Democrat) Party.

My son is a graduate of Villanova. Fortunately, as an engineering student he was spared from what relatively little amount of this mishegoss there was on campus.

I read that the SJW plan to bring their ideology to the science and engineering departments.

Massinsanity | April 18, 2019 at 8:57 am

Here is hoping the Proud Boys are there to meet them at every turn.

Wonder what the good professor is going to think about AntiFa’s violence when it’s met with 2A supporter’s resistance.

Antifa Is nothing but the prelude to Socialism, once that is established then Communism. If you remember history the Antifa movement which does use violence on any people that have an opposite view especially when it comes to Free Speech. They are just like the Nazi Brown Shirts they were the bully boys used to make people accept Nazi thinking. After Hilter came to power the Brown Shirts were sourced as potential soldiers in the SS Hitlers enforcers of his policy. The real bad people educating our young people with poisonous ideas are colleges that are being directed by the head of the college and the instructors how are brain washing these young people and because free speech of opposing views are not allowed, they are threatened with failure of whatever course. These instructors are dictators that need to be removed from educating our young people.

How would she like to be on the receiving end of the violence/nonviolence binary that limits our understanding of activist practices? You think that might change her viewpoint?