The hysteria of rape culture could only go on for so long before people started pushing back.

USA Today reports:

Students accused of sexual assault are suing colleges — and winning most of the time

Nearly a year after having what he claimed was consensual sex and she claimed was assault, the two Aquinas College students were back together, this time separated by a curtain.

For 50 minutes, they appeared in front of a panel of employees of the college in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In a 10-minute opening statement, the male student defended himself against charges he had sexually assaulted the female student. The female student offered no opening statement.

A few questions from the panel later, the hearing was done. Six days later, the male student was expelled. Ten months later, he filed a federal lawsuit. Several months after that, Aquinas settled the lawsuit. Those involved are barred from talking about the case by the agreement.

In suing, the Aquinas student joined a growing tide of male students, accused of sexually assaulting fellow students, who have lodged federal lawsuits against their schools, alleging discrimination and violations of their due process rights.

Despite the continued heat of the #MeToo movement that has brought down celebrities, politicians, business leaders and religious leaders, the male students are finding success in the court system…

Since then, universities have lost more decisions in these lawsuits than they have won, according to an analysis of federal court filings. Most of the losses are judges deciding against universities’ motions to dismiss the cases.


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