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Stink Bomb Used During Jeff Sessions Speech at Amherst College

Stink Bomb Used During Jeff Sessions Speech at Amherst College

“One protester flew a rainbow flag as she exited.”

In addition to the stink bomb, a large group of students stood up and walked out together. So mature, aren’t they?

The College Fix reports:

Jeff Sessions audience attacked with stink bomb at Amherst College

Why challenge an invited speaker’s views when you can simply irritate everyone else?

Someone activated a stink bomb as the audience was entering the Amherst College venue to hear former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ speech Wednesday night, The Amherst Student reports.

The Trump administration appointee and former senator, invited by the Amherst College Republicans, didn’t have a chance to take bracing questions from critics.

Nearly 70 students “stood up and exited in a coordinated walkout” five minutes into Sessions’ talk, leaving more than half of the venue empty. They apparently weren’t convinced by Student editor Olivia Gieger’s column that liberals like her “owe it to ourselves to show that, unlike many Republicans, we listen to the other side and remain staunch in our beliefs.”

One protester flew a rainbow flag as she exited. Protesters chanted in their ideological cocoon on the quad: “No justice, no peace! No racist police!” and “Ain’t no people like the power of people because the power of people don’t stop!”

The outside protest started with a “land acknowledgment by a member of the college’s Indigenous and Native Citizens Association” and moved on to a Festivus-like airing of grievances by community activists.


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Warren wants to subsidize a college education for these twits? How about getting rid of affirmative action and only admit students on the basis of legitimate academic credentials? That would have the added financial benefit of alleviating the need for “Diversity Administrators” and “safe spaces” with coloring books and kittens for ‘traumatized’ students who have no business attending university in the first place. Oh, and get rid of feminist grievance studies and other majors that don’t lead to a real job after graduation. There; I’ve fixed the problem.

Amherst does not yet perceive it is at the edge of a cliff. A cliff called the Evergreen/Middlebury fault line. Where a college moves from school for winners, to school of cranks.