Diversity for everyone except certain groups this speaker doesn’t like. That’s a great standard.

The College Fix reports:

Keynote speaker at Harvard diversity conference says Christians should be ‘locked up’

To celebrate a “Decade of Dialogue” in its annual diversity conference, Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts & Sciences invited a straight white man to give the keynote lecture.

But not just any straight white man.

Tim Wise, an “anti-racism writer, educator and activist,” has denigrated Christians as “Jeezoids” and fascists and called Pope Francis evil. He has tweeted that “people who believe in a God of hell/damnation deserve to be mocked viciously and run out of the public square.”

Those who base their morality on the Hebrew Scriptures “deserve to be locked up,” he said in 2015, claiming to be “sorta kidding but not by much.”

The Diversity Dialogue Series provides a “retrospective look at diversity and inclusion, a discussion of current issues, and practical guidance on how we can move toward greater inclusion and belonging at Harvard,” according to the event description.

The event also featured a panel discussion on moving from diversity to “inclusion and belonging.” Panelists broke down the obligations of what it means to be an ally, as well as the role of privilege and gender in the workplace.


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