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Rutgers Dedicates Another $20 Million to Diversity Hiring Effort

Rutgers Dedicates Another $20 Million to Diversity Hiring Effort

“As one of the most diverse major public research universities in the nation, Rutgers is committed to promoting diversity”

They have already allocated $20 million for greater diversity, so this brings the total to $40 million.

The College Fix reports:

Rutgers pledges another $20 million in diversity hiring funds

Rutgers University has pledged an additional $20 million in funding to hire a diverse faculty, adding to the significant amount of money it has already allocated toward that goal.

The school’s “$22 million initiative to hire, mentor and retain professors from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds was set to expire in 2021 but will now continue through 2024,” Inside Higher Ed reported this week.

The school had already pledged $22 million toward diverse faculty hiring efforts. Since its launch in 2016, the program “has supported hiring 79 new diverse faculty members across the university and mentoring and retaining faculty from diverse backgrounds,” the school declared on its website.

The millions of dollars allocated toward the effort “provide half the salary support for the first three years of each newly hired faculty member’s service at Rutgers, along with additional funds to support mentoring and retention.”

From the school’s website:

“While faculty within departments and schools ultimately make hiring decisions for individual faculty members, these funds provide the resources our departments need to recruit, hire and retain outstanding faculty from groups who have been traditionally underrepresented in their fields,” [school president Robert] Barchi said. “We want to help ensure that our faculty better reflects the broad diversity of our students and the state of New Jersey.”

As one of the most diverse major public research universities in the nation, Rutgers is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion throughout the university, said Barbara Lee, senior vice president for Academic Affairs at Rutgers University.


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Virtue-signaling is expensive, and Rutgers clearly values it above educational uses for this money. Now they will carry out racist and sexist faculty searches for positions that are funded by this money. White males will not be considered for these positions so they can go to “diverse” candidates regardless if they are less qualified.

One of the problems with these faculty “diversity” schemes is that they make the other faculty suspect that any minority hires are made only to increase the minority representation. They assume (with good reason in some cases) that the minority faculty members are hired under lower standards to take advantage of the $20M in free state money.

Rutgers is a state-supported university, and I would like to see someone sue them for their racism and sexism in hiring for these “diversity” positions. It is not a healthy situation.

If they were “outstanding faculty” in the first place, there would be no need for this extra push. What they will hire will be the dregs that couldn’t make it on their own, and once there, it will be impossible to fire them because that would be raciss. You’d think by now that the colleges would have learned from the experiences of others, but then again, most academics are socialists and they still believe socialism will work when they try it (or are in charge).

“As one of the most diverse . . . universities in the nation, Rutgers is committed to promoting diversity”

Was this a statement from the Department of Tautology?

Imagine how many well qualified but poor students could have been offered an education with this money? What an incredible waste.