This is one of the reasons so many young people like candidates like Bernie Sanders. They believe their debt can be erased by a politician.

The Blaze reports:

Here’s the stunning percentage of Millennials who regret taking a loan for college

A new poll shows the stunning percentage of Millennials who regret taking a loan out in order to attend college.

The Business Insider/Morning Consult poll says that four out of every ten of indebted Millennials regret going to college: 42 percent.

56 percent of Millennials said it was worth incurring a debt load to go college, with only 2 percent answering that they don’t know.

That is a much higher percentage than Baby Boomers who were polled – 27 percent said college was not worth the debt load, while 68 percent said it was worth it.

Student debt has become a key political issue as some Democrats have called for the government to make college free, and others want to forgive the mounting debt that many say are crippling them from obtaining success.

The poll shows that among those who thought that college was worth attending, 64 percent had already paid off their loans, and 48 percent were still paying off their loans.

The total student loan debt has been estimated at about $1.6 trillion.


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