Why should colleges and universities even be involved in this? What does it have to do with getting an education?

The College Fix reports:

Over 100 schools now offering transgender medical coverage for students

More and more schools across the U.S. are offering medical insurance to cover various procedures for their transgender students, including “gender affirming surgery,” an often-irreversible regimen of cosmetic operations.

Campus Pride, a watchdog group that grades schools based on their friendliness to LGBT ideology, offers its readers a list of the American universities and colleges that cover medical costs for their transgender students. As of April 2019, there are a total of 111 schools on that list. 87 of those schools offer coverage for both surgery and hormone therapy, an additional 24 offer coverage for just hormones.

The list includes both public universities and Ivy Leagues. Notably absent from the lineup are any Catholic universities.

The transgender-related medical services that the listed universities offer their students range from cross-sex hormone treatments to surgeries that remove students’ genitals and utereses.

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the school’s three different insurance options all cover both “hormone therapy” and “gender affirming surgery.” The university also offers transgender patients “mental health counseling regarding gender identity and gender dysphoria” as well as “letters of support for change of gender marker” if a student is just beginning his or her “transition.”

The school promises students that their decisions regarding transgender treatment will remain secret. “Information about medical care or laboratory testing done at MIT Medical will not be released to anyone without your written consent, including parents or other family members. If you are an MIT student covered by the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan, your parents will not be informed about any prescriptions you fill,” the school’s website states.


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