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German Spy Chief Warns Against Surging Left-Wing Violence

German Spy Chief Warns Against Surging Left-Wing Violence

Head of Germany’s domestic intel: Left-wing extremists target police and political opponents

Germany’s domestic intelligence chief has warned of the threat posed by the resurgence of left-wing extremists in the country. The Left-wing extremists were engaged in violence against police and political opponents in Germany, Thomas Haldenwang, president of country’s Office for the Protection of the Constitution, told German newspaper Die Welt am Sonntag.

Intelligence estimates have shown a constant surge in left-wing violence in Germany. The country is home to some 9,000 “violence-oriented left-wing extremists,” the domestic spy agency says. According to the 2018 German intelligence report (the latest recorded nation-wide data), left-wing extremists committed 6,393 violent crimes and offences in 2017, an almost 40 percent increase compared to the previous year.

During the same interview, the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence also warned of Islamic State’s ability to carry out terror attacks in the country. “I cannot give an all-clear on IS,” Haldenwang said. “It can launch an attack in Germany anytime.”

The daily Die Welt am Sonntag reported the statement made by the German spy chief:

The president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang, has warned against violent left-wing extremists — also those involved in squatting (the left-wing tactic of occupying residential properties). There are particular kind of incidents where one can expect left-wing violence out on the streets. I am talking about the clearing of occupied houses,” he told Die Welt am Sonntag. “I also expect violent left wing extremists from across Europe at the G7 summit in Biarritz this summer.”

His agency is dedicated “with high intensity [in countering] violent left-wing extremism.” The bar is especially low when it comes to clashes with police or political opponents. “In such cases even fatalities are taken for granted,” Haldenwang said.

There is no clear disassociation by “the left-wing extremist scene with regards to such extreme violence against people.” The threat posed by the left-wing extremism is “unfortunately not often perceived by the society.” [Translation by the author]

According to the same 2018 intelligence report, more than 25,800 Islamists were residing in Germany, posing a serious security threat. These numbers include over 10,000 Wahhabi Salafists, more than 1,000 Muslim Brotherhood members, 950 operatives of the terror-outfit Hezbollah, and 320 members of Hamas.

The German Left have shown its willingness to work with Arab and Islamist groups. In the last general elections, candidates belonging to the Palestinian terrorist group PFLP formed an alliance with Germany’s Marxist-Leninist Party (MLPD) to run on a joint list. The members of far-left Antifa often make common cause with Muslim radicals when it comes to disrupting the rallies and events hosted by the right-wing Alternative for Germany party or the anti-Islamist PEGIDA movement.

When it comes to political violence, the German Left has been getting a pass for a long time. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government, which is highly vocal about the rise of the right-wing AfD party, has been relatively quiet about the surging left-wing extremism. The German mainstream media, too, obsessed with the rise of anti-EU ‘populism,’ have failed to highlight the violence coming from the Left.

Just like other totalitarian ideologies, the German Left uses violence to silence opponents and push its political agenda. ‘Revolutionary violence’ is just as central to the Left as the concept of Jihad warfare is to Islamism. From college campuses to public squares, Antifa and other leftist gangs disrupt events and shout down those who dare to speak up about the evils of Islamism and unregulated mass migration.

Raw Footage: Antifa, left-wing rioters at the G20 in Hamburg (July 2017)

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I was told it’s all Neo-Nazis and Far-Right Extremists™. Whoa! Could they have been….lying?

Weimar Republic Deux. Hum… I wonder if the Left and Muslims will be joined together as here in USA to create “hope and change”? As I remember, the rise of the SA was in response to the communist “direct action” in Germany in the 20’s.

Let us know when the spy chief is fired. Thanks.

Thank God we don’t have left-wing extremists waging violence in the US. Now if we could just stop voters for electing them there wouldn’t be as many politicians hiring them as bureaucrats and appointing them as judges.

While they were focused on figments of right-wing violence, the national socialists were loudly, proudly progressing.

There is a world-wide cabal of globalists, enabled by the likes of george soros. The globalists provide a sanctuary for the likes of the worst of the democrat party: corruptable politicians, rabid leftists, sexual deviants, child molesters, the incompetent, the lazy, the angy – and radical islamists.

Radical Islam can not take over Western nations alone – that, history has proven. The only way radical islam can spread outside of its typical borders is if it gets help in the way of traitors of western nations in which they gain power. (We’ve clearly seen that with the likes of soros, obama, pelosi, clinton, wasserman schultz, schiff, trudeau, angela merkel etc.)

In Trudeau’s case, he’s an idiot. But in Herr Merkel’s case, she is among the biggest traitors of any western government, except obama and hillary clinton.

Angry, leftist movements are infectious and corrupting: they give the easy way out to nuts malingerers and get them power they would never otherwise have. (Brownshirts, Antifa, etc.)

Merket made her bed (sorry for the imagery) and now she has to lie in it: she did more damage to Germany than the Treaty of Versaille. As we can see, Germany now has a tiger or radical Islam by the tail. The damage done by Merkel will last forever. Even Hitler couldn’t destroy the German nation for long. But Merkel did the job. Like obama betrayed America on a scale hillary clinton is envious of, Merkel just might be Germany’s greatest traitor, and quite happy with herself with Germany’s lost future.

Now, it seems, some Germans in government are squeaking the bad news.

Leftist are no threat themselves to Germany. Islamists are. But the two allied have destroyed her.

America is the next bulls-eye. Sick maggots like Rashida Georing and Omar Goebells could never have been elected without the seeding of Islamists into our nation by obama/jarrett. And, of course, with the betray of the GOPe.

We’re on a collision course with a world-wide conflagration. But the enemy within (our own political parties) is more dangerous.

Subotai Bahadur | April 14, 2019 at 3:53 pm

Germany, and the EU will conquer and destroy Britain. They will then all fall to the Muslims. They have chosen their path.

Subotai Bahadur

    They are getting plenty of assistance from the feckless politicians in Parliament.

      Honorable mention:

      the American GOPe.

      Why Is Mitch McConnell Telling 2020 GOP Candidates to Run ‘Independent of Trump’?

        PersonofInterests in reply to | April 15, 2019 at 10:39 am

        Mitch McCommunist is a Never Trumper and is responsible for the failures of NOT Repealing Obamacare, NOT Building the Wall, and NOT revising our Immigration Laws that are biased to advantage illegal alien cockroaches getting into and staying in our Country using the plethora of Obama engineered un-Constitution power grabs, e.g., DACA, and others before (McCommunist doesn’t mind their costs on Americans and our Country or the wage scale depression caused by these illegal aliens because he’s on the payroll of the Chamber of Commerce Criminals).

        Mitch McCommunist has demonstrated a taste for interfering in the U.S. Senate Elections of other states and has spent millions attempting to shape the Republican Senate Caucus to HIS liking and the voters of other states be damned, e.g., helped spend $30 Million to lose the Alabama Senate Seat to Democrat Doug Jones that had been Republican for 20 years; helped Democrat Joe Manchin get reelected in the 2018 West Virginia race with his interference and lack of support for the Republican candidate.

        Mitch McCommunist has cost Republicans numerous Senate seats by nominating weak establishment candidates and by abandoning viable conservative candidates.

        Mitch McCommunist continued to insist on passing bills with 60 votes when he had several tools to pass reforms with a simple majority. Even when he had a chance to repeal Obamacare with just 50 votes, he wouldn’t do it!

        But in 2020, McCommunist is up for reelection and apparently is signaling that he doesn’t have the time nor funds to interfere in other Senate races given that there are so many Republican seats to defend. Ergo, the present day gaggle of GOP RINOs are being told that they are on their own and McCommunist wants to remind them that while he can’t be of much help for their 2020 Reelection bid, not to forget who owns them, i.e., Mitch McCommunist.

        If that were not enough, there is the fact that Mitch McCommunist and his wife, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, owe most of their reported $27 Million of net worth to family business Chao Shipping whose business is dependent upon the Communist Chinese. Talk about a conflict of interest!

        We should hope that after the lackluster performance of the Senate and House Republicans, most of them will have Primary Challengers to oust them. And I can think of no better individual than Mitch McCommunist who has been sitting on his flat end since 2015 to squander the endless opportunities to stop Barack Obama (Budgets & Spending) and the Socialist Demtards. Come 2020 #DITCHMITCH.

Violent EU leftists have been socking skinhead attacks on victims for years.

    Skinheads are not tools of the left. In fact, quite the opposite.

    On the other hand, just about everyone else in Europe is a tool of the left, including Islamists (temporarily, at least).

    How can Europe afford this largese and still exist? Because the US funds their defense, leaving them to act like spoiled children, with us cleaning up their mess.