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Georgetown Students Vote on Mandatory Fee to Fund Reparations

Georgetown Students Vote on Mandatory Fee to Fund Reparations

“The students will show what they care about and that they want to act in reparative justice”

Virtue signaling can get expensive when you take it to this level.

Campus Reform reports:

Georgetown students vote for mandatory reparations fee

Georgetown University students will vote Thursday on a reparations referendum that would establish a mandatory fee for undergraduate students to pay to descendants of slaves.

If enacted, GU272 would require undergraduate students to fork up $27.20 per semester, reported WRC-TV in Washington, D.C. Funds collected from the fee would go toward descendants of 272 slaves that Georgetown sold in 1838. The referendum comes as a number of 2020 Democrat presidential candidates now openly support reparations, as the Wall Street Journal highlighted Thursday.

“The proceeds of the GU272 Reconciliation Contributions will be allocated for charitable purposes directly benefiting the descendants of the GU272 and other persons once enslaved by the Maryland Jesuits—with special consideration given to causes and proposals directly benefiting those descendants still residing in proud and underprivileged communities, such as in Maringouin,” the referendum says.

The referendum notes that descendants of many of the slaves whom Georgetown sold in 1838 to avoid bankruptcy still reside in poorer communities in southern Louisiana. The document also claims that the semester fee will rise in accordance with inflation. If the resolution receives majority support from Georgetown student voters, it will be passed along for consideration by the school’s Board of Trustees.

“The students will show what they care about and that they want to act in reparative justice,” Georgetown student Maya Moretta, who helped advocate for the resolution, told WRC-TV. “If you have a large group of the student body who want to provide reconciliation, then I think the Board of Trustees will listen.”


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All students have to pay, not just the white ones? It will probably be defeated for that reason. Everyone thinks someone else should pay it.

But you never know. The fact that they’re voting on it at all indicates a certain level of insanity.

healthguyfsu | April 12, 2019 at 9:49 am

Certain Indian tribes already get government reparations. Do you think they are grateful for this money? I’ve never once heard an official statement of gratitude, especially not in the modern era (quite the opposite in fact).

Giving money to a hustler crowd just leads to more hustling.

If that’s the case I want my slave. Not a single black person alive today was a slave in the US. Not a single white guy alive today has owned a slave in the US. If you’re going to make me pay for something I never did then I want my slave.

Not one of my ancestors came to America before the abolition of slavery. Not one of my ancestors owned a slave. I’ll be damned if I make any reparations to the alleged descendants of slaves based on what other peoples’ ancestors may have done!