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Editorial Board of Campus Newspaper Endorses Non-White Segregated Housing

Editorial Board of Campus Newspaper Endorses Non-White Segregated Housing

“the organization of student housing around common identities”

Higher education seems to be doing all it can to reverse the gains made by the civil rights movement.

The College Fix reports:

Student newspaper editorial board endorses nonwhite segregated housing

The editorial board of a campus newspaper has endorsed a student proposal to establish segregated housing on campus, claiming that such housing will help make the school “safe” and “welcoming.”

The Coalition Against Racist Education Now, a coalition of activists students at Williams College, recently released a list of demands “calling upon the College’s trustees to fulfill their ‘obligation to the well-being and safety of its students, faculty and staff’,” according to The Williams Record.

Among those demands was a request for “affinity housing,” what the editorial board of The Record describes as “the organization of student housing around common identities.”

The board goes on to declare that it “wholeheartedly support[s] establishing affinity housing at the College,” specifically segregated housing for nonwhite students:

As a community, we must recognize that the College is a predominantly white institution in which students of color often feel tokenized, both in their residences and more broadly on campus. Establishing affinity housing will not singlehandedly solve this problem, but it will assist in making the College a more welcoming, supportive and safe community for minoritized students.


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Apparently they favor “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!”
George Wallace would be so proud.

These kids may not be stupid, but they sure are ignorant.

    OldProf2 in reply to MajorWood. | April 20, 2019 at 4:55 pm

    I think they qualify for “stupid” as well. What kid doesn’t know that MLK fought against segregation with every breath he took? That’s hammered into them in grade school. They want their school to treat everyone differently according to the color of their skin. MLK would roll over in his grave, and George Wallace would smile.

Next they’ll be demanding their own buses.

What happened to “separate but equal isn’t equal”?

Next, segregated classes.

After that, how ’bout separate schools?

I too “wholeheartedly support establishing affinity housing…”