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College Students Occupy Campus Building Demanding ‘Basic Needs’

College Students Occupy Campus Building Demanding ‘Basic Needs’

“The students associated with the Basic Needs Campaign also agreed to leave the building and end their hunger strike.”

This explains so much about where these students are politically. They want a benevolent Big Brother to take care of them.

Campus Reform reports:

NANNY STATE? Students demand ‘basic needs.’ College caves.

The president of the University of Kentucky has capitulated to a list of demands made by a group of students that occupied the main building of the campus, voicing complaints about the university’s alleged unfair treatment of black and low-income students.

Among other demands, the president has agreed to create a permanent seat for black students on search committees for university deans and high-level administrators, WKYT-TV reported. Protesters from both the university’s Black Student Advisory Council and Basic Needs Campaign descended on the building April 1, only agreeing to leave after meeting with University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto.

The Basic Needs Campaign also agreed to end a six-day long hunger strike meant to force the administration to recognize their demand for a campus center for students who cannot afford housing or food.

After his meeting with the protesters, Capilouto sent a campus-wide email explaining that he has an “obligation” to “meet [these students] where they are,” and to do everything in his power to “help them to feel that this University is their University.”

“We expressed concerns to the Black Student Advisory Council about safety in the Main Building going forward. Based on that, and the commitments we have made below, they left the building this evening,” Capilouto informed the student body on April 3. “The students associated with the Basic Needs Campaign also agreed to leave the building and end their hunger strike.”


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So the U.S. taxpayer feeds an increasing number of K-12 school children two meals a day, and it’s not enough. Now we have to feed college students as well.

Negotiating with terrorists never ends well. How long until the homeless discover this place and they start to demand shelter and food as well.

Gremlin1974 | April 7, 2019 at 8:44 pm

This is how you handle the squatters.

Leave or be arrested and expelled.

If you continue to coddle them, they will never grow up!

I appreciate that there are students who are economically challenged — even deprived — who are trying to improve their lot in life by getting a college education (hopefully with a business or STEM degree). I wonder, though, why instead of UKy they don’t enroll at a community college for about a third of the tuition.
I also wonder what the governance structure is at UKy (someone here perhaps knows?), if there is a university senate and a board of trustees to whom this president is accountable for such decisions.
You’d think they have a say in such matters.