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Branco Cartoon – Hail Mary Probe

Branco Cartoon – Hail Mary Probe

Last chance

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I predict the MSM/DNC spin today will be:

1. The Mueller report proves the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.
2. The report has new “bombshell” allegations of obstruction of justice against the Trump campaign, and a new special prosecutor is needed to investigate those charges.

The actual report (few in the media will bother to read it) will speculate extravagantly and offer little evidence.

Branco you made noodler look TO good, IMO he needs to be shorter, WAY more PUDGY & PORTLY. He is a Unsightly SMALL person all the way AROUND. But the toon is still Right ON for the bunch BS going on. KEEP up the good work Please! GREAT WORK as ALWAYS. Thank You