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American University Students Unimpressed With New Mandatory Diversity Course

American University Students Unimpressed With New Mandatory Diversity Course

“is not necessary and causes more stress”

Mandatory diversity has a rather Orwellian ring to it, doesn’t it?

The College Fix reports:

American U. students wising up to mandatory diversity/inequality/racism course

The American University freshman course known as “the American University Experience,” or “AUx” had its first full year of implementation in 2018-19, and a number of students say the class is a wash.

As part of AU’s $121 million Plan for Inclusive Excellence, incoming students have to take two semesters worth of AUx; according to The Eagle, the first semester AUx1 “helps students physically and mentally transition to college,” while AUx2 deals with “creating a space for civil discourse about structural inequalities.”

In the latter, students “are encouraged to immerse themselves fully into the sometimes uncomfortable conversations,” said Dean of Undergraduate Education Jessica Waters. “[Students] come with wildly different exposure to the academic study of things like power, privilege, race and inequality.”

Assistant Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Amanda Taylor added that both AUx courses “plant the seeds” for success not only in college, but beyond.

Well, for college without a doubt. Especially when they’re required.

Regarding that requisite, AUx has cheesed more than a few AU students. The Eagle reports that freshmen say the class “is not necessary and causes more stress” than needed for their inaugural year. An anti-AUx petition popped up in the fall and has over 225 signatures, short of its 500 signature goal. The petition says that AUx eats up valuable time which otherwise could be used for “major or classes that peak [student] interests,” should “at the very least” be a pass/fail course, and lastly “should not have to meet every week.”


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This is standard procedure for Socialists to re-educate political dissidents into the correct ways of thinking. If you will separate your mind from the doctrine, it could be a good introduction to mind control and how to resist it.

Russia had their Gulag, Vietnam had its re-education camps, and China still re-educates Uyghurs on “correct thought” at their summer camps in Xinjiang. So these college students should be able to survive a year of this weekly indoctrination.

So tell any students whose brains have not yet been washed to follow these rules:
1. Turn off your brain and turn on a voice recorder. When possible, find a book that precisely states the instructor’s opinions. (I’ll call it The Little Red Book.)
2. When asked a question, DO NOT give a logical answer. Parrot back whatever you recorded on your voice recorder, or better yet, give some related doctrine from The Little Red Book.
3. On the exams, repeat back what you have been told, verbatim. Use the material in The Little Red Book to elaborate on your regurgitation of the instructor’s opinions. Any original thought or logic will be heavily penalized. You have been warned.

The petition says that AUx eats up valuable time which otherwise could be used for “major or classes that peak [student] interests

I don’t know about interests, but the petition definitely shows a NEED for better vocabulary skills. Writing “peak [student] interests” instead of “pique [student] interests” does not indicate good command of basic high school level vocabulary.

At $1,759 per credit hour, this is an unnecessary indoctrination. If we’re talking 6 credit hours total, that’s a waste of $10,554–to learn what?