On Sunday, a woman visiting the Wildlife World Zoo Aquarium & Safari Park jumped the barrier at the jaguar exhibit to get a selfie with the animal.

To the shock of no one, the jaguar attacked her.

Thankfully, the zoo confirmed they will not put down the female jaguar.

From CNN:

Adam Wilkerson said he was at the zoo with his family when someone came running around the corner yelling for help.

“Without thinking, I had no idea what I was going to see, I just ran over there,” he said. “I saw the other girl up against the fence with her arm caught in the jaguar’s claws.”

Wilkerson said he was standing behind the woman, but didn’t want to pull her off. “I could see the claws in her actual flesh,” he said.

In an effort to distract the jaguar, Wilkerson said, his mother ran up behind him and shoved her water bottle through the cage. The bottle distracted the jaguar, and it let go of the victim.

“When my mom put the water bottle through the gate, the jaguar let go of the girl. And we pulled the girl back and she collapsed,” he said.

In a 911 call obtained by CNN, a zoo employee can be heard saying the woman’s arm was in “pretty bad shape.”

The story took off on Twitter. People told the zoo they will boycott it if they put down the jaguar while others pleaded with them not to harm the jaguar.

The zoo reassured everyone that nothing will happen to the animal.

People, don’t be stupid. The zoo’s spokeswoman Kristy Morcum told CNN that the woman apologized and “feels horrible about the bad publicity the zoo is getting regarding the incident.”


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