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Students at Concord University Forced to Fund Anti-Gun Protest at State Capitol

Students at Concord University Forced to Fund Anti-Gun Protest at State Capitol

“student government – funded by mandatory student fees – paid for students to protest at the state capitol”

Maybe students who support the Second Amendment should demand a refund on their student fees.

The College Fix reports:

Public university forces students to fund anti-gun protest at state capitol

Concord University officially opposes campus carry.

That’s the reasonable conclusion to take away from the West Virginia public university’s actions toward a state bill that would let citizens with a concealed-carry permit carry their concealed weapons in limited parts of campus.

Not only did President Kendra Boggess (below) publicly speak against the bill on her Facebook page, but the taxpayer-funded university confirmed that the student government – funded by mandatory student fees – paid for students to protest at the state capitol.

HB 2519 bans concealed weapons in large venues, individual offices and residence-hall rooms among other areas, and would give college officials authority to declare other areas off-limits due to specific circumstances, such as “if a controversial speaker were making a presentation,” according to state radio host Hoppy Kercheval. The bill is pending in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Campus Reform reports that the Student Government Association sent a campuswide email with a misleading subject line intended to provoke panic – “EMERGENCY. GUNS ON CAMPUS” – and begged students to attend a protest it was hosting.

The administration’s Office of Advancement used its megaphone to promote the protest as well. A spokesperson ignored the one-sided language of the SGA email, which explicitly said the capitol visit was intended “to stop this bill,” and told Campus Reform it was a student effort to ensure “their voice would be considered in the decision-making process.”

The student government paid for transportation to the protest for those students who were unwilling to drive the 90 miles themselves, according to the spokesperson. “All students were invited, regardless of where they stood on this issue,” he insisted, despite the Office of Advancement’s email explicitly stating it was a “rally against” the bill.


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So they want to be a gun-free zone. Gun-free zones attract mass shooters like manure attracts flies. Mass shooters are cowards, and they prefer to commit their atrocities where no one can shoot back.

If you were a homicidal maniac, which school would you attack?
One that has a large sign at the entrance saying “Gun-Free Zone”?
Or one that has a large sign saying “Staff Members are Armed”?

    Edward in reply to OldProf2. | March 13, 2019 at 5:40 pm

    Or, as here in Texas, college/university students may also be armed. I’m sure Kendra Boggess will avoid presence on any college/university campus in the following states which all allow concealed carry on campus (statutes vary on details):


    Even more states leave it up to the institution as to whether to allow campus carry:

    New Hampshire
    Rhode Island
    South Dakota
    West Virginia

I often think those who populate the offices (particularly Administration offices) of most of our colleges and universities must have trouble negotiating their way around daily life. They usually exhibit a total lack of common sense and always an apparent fear of the everyday life events of people not paid to work in the halls of academe.

There are exceptions (my old major prof is one, but he quit back in the 70s because he found being expected to be a baby sitter of students not ready for High School, much less university, was not why he worked to get his PhD). And the Prof is obviously another, as is OldProf2.

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