How is it even legal for a state to give taxpayer money to people who are in the country illegally?

Campus Reform reports:

NJ forks over $1.6M for illegal immigrant college tuition

New Jersey reportedly granted $1.6 million in financial aid to illegal alien students as part of a new program that allows illegal alien college students to apply for financial aid.

A total of 513 “DREAMers” received $1.6 million in state financial aid during the fall 2018 semester, according to Forty colleges in New Jersey are accepting at least one illegal alien student using financial aid, including The College of New Jersey, Rowan University and Seton Hall University. Rutgers University is accepting the highest number, 150 illegal alien students, awarding a total of $623,109 to the students, or around $4,150 per student.

“Immigration/documentation status [is] not considered during the admission process at [the New Jersey Institute of Technology].” Matthew Goldstein, the school’s chief strategy officer, told Campus Reform. “Merit aid is awarded based upon academic performance.” Goldstein also said that financial aid is only determined for a student after he or she has been admitted to the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Campus Reform also reached out to other New Jersey schools to ask about illegal immigrants on campus but did not receive comments in time for publication.

In 2018, according to, 1,365 illegal alien students had applied for the program during a four-month period, doubling the estimated 600 that were expected to apply. At the time, 350 of the applications were rejected. The program was initially projected to cost $4.47 million of taxpayer funds, according to a March 2018 fiscal estimate regarding the bill.

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