The liberal bias of CNN is so obvious that it has gotten to the point where people joke about it. Yet as Tucker Carlson demonstrated on his show on Wednesday night, it is a serious issue.

Carlson showed how talking points move from the lips of Democratic party leadership, to the stories that lead CNN prime time programming.

He began by pointing out that with the collapse of the Mueller narrative, CNN had a huge programming void to fill. He then played a clip of Nancy Pelosi speaking to reporters on Monday, declaring that Democrats were going to focus on healthcare – as they always have – and that she hoped the press would focus on these issues.

Then came the astounding part. Tucker walked through a sampling of clips from CNN’s prime time programming and what was everyone talking about? Healthcare, of course.

Tucker specifically noted that every single CNN show from 7 pm to midnight followed suit, and that it began again at 6 am Wednesday and continued throughout the day.

This has to be seen to be believed, watch the whole thing below. Is there any wonder why the left is working so hard to get Tucker taken off the air?

After watching this, I decided to go back to CNN’s Twitter feed from Tuesday night into Wednesday and sure enough, it’s all there:

This is the same network that accuses FOX News of being “state TV” for not being completely anti-Trump.

Featured image via YouTube.


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