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George Washington U. to Require Online Diversity Training for New Students

George Washington U. to Require Online Diversity Training for New Students

“playing out incidents of discrimination or hate”

Once again, the left’s ideas are so popular that they have to make them mandatory. Also, are we to believe that GWU is such a hotbed of hate that this is necessary?

The College Fix reports:

George Washington U. adds mandatory online diversity training for new students

New students at George Washington University now must complete an online diversity training module featuring actors “playing out incidents of discrimination or hate.”

Students would be prompted to assess how they would deal with the various scenarios portrayed. According to The Hatchet, so-called “diversity experts” say online versions of training “helps students better understand what situations they may encounter […] and how to tackle them from the get-go.”

No doubt the scenarios will be very realistic, right?

The diversity module is in addition to a live (diversity) training first offered last summer for the class of 2022. Every new class entering GWU will be required to complete the online module. Students have to complete sexual assault training online, as well.

These latest compulsory exercises, The Hatchet brags, puts GWU ahead of its peer institutions. The catalyst for the module was a highly controversial racist Snapchat incident from a year ago.


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That kind of training has been mandatory at many big companies for years. The scenarios usually show an older white male saying or doing something thoroughly rude and obnoxious.

A few of the students will reject it for the over-the-top propaganda it is. A few more will be completely brainwashed. The majority will go along to get along without even thinking about it much.

SeekingRationalThought | March 6, 2019 at 8:37 am

GWU keeps doing things that prevent alum’s from making donations. I know. I’m an alum.