There was actually applause after his nomination was rejected. What bias?

The College Fix reports:

Conservative Christian student blocked from serving on student government at UMass Amherst

The student government association at UMass Amherst recently voted to reject a conservative Christian student from serving as a senator even though there were active vacancies to fill and a recruitment subcommittee had recommended him for the post.

Sophomore Richard Cullen, 19, said he believes his peers were biased against him, noting he is highly qualified for the position, citing his service on the student government as a freshman. He is also vice president of the UMass College Republicans.

After the student government voted on March 4 to reject his nomination, which required a two-thirds majority to approve him, applause echoed through the chamber, according to a video of the vote.

Cullen penned an op-ed in the student newspaper to denounce the process. “For a hearing meant to be a formality, it was an inquisition on my ideas and integrity,” Cullen wrote.

In an interview with The College Fix, he echoed those sentiments, noting that the student government as a whole has not rejected a nominee put forth by the student government’s Outreach and Development Committee to fill a vacancy for nearly a decade.

“I didn’t necessarily expect to be rubberstamped, but the manner of questions I was asked, the length of my interview, the general attitude of it, I felt like I was definitely getting a biased interview or hearing compared to other hearings that have taken place in SGA,” Cullen said.

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