Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has only held the post for two months, but a Quinnipiac University poll shows that 59% of the citizens gave him their approval.

The Democrats? 42%! I know DeSantis has only served two months, but this could be trouble for the Democrats in 2020.

But remember, he’s only two months into his term. It’s still somewhat of a shock since he only defeated Democrat Andrew Gillum by 0.4% in November.

This score, though, is the “best score for a Florida governor in 10 years.”

From The South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

Democrats approved of DeSantis’ performance, 42 percent to 28 percent, for a net positive of 14 percentage points.

Among Republicans, 82 percent approve and 5 percent disapprove, which gives him a net positive of 77 percentage points.

Independent voters approve of the governor’s performance, 56 percent to 17 percent disapprove, a net plus of 39 points.

“Ron DeSantis won the governorship by the slimmest of margins, yet in his first two-plus months in office he has gotten off to a strong start. His 59 percent job approval today is better than most of his counterparts around the country,” Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll said in a written analysis of the results.

He attributed part of DeSantis’ success to “his taking on issues such as the environment on which Republicans often don’t focus,” adding that the governor and other state politicians are “benefitting from an overall sunny mood among Floridians who are happy about the economy and life in general.”

The publication’s contact reporter Anthony Man pointed out something significant: 34% of those polled did not have an opinion on DeSantis.

Not only that, but the pollsters didn’t ask respondents a few important questions:

DeSantis has started his term with a flurry of actions: successfully pushing out the board of the South Florida Water Management District, suspending Broward Sheriff Scott Israel and Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher, and remaking the Florida Supreme Court with a significantly more conservative bent.

Pollsters didn’t ask about any of those issues, but on two others found support for DeSantis’ approach.

The poll found that new Sen. Rick Scott (R), who served as governor before DeSantis, only had a 42% approval while 38% disapproved. Sen. Marco Rubio (R) sat at 50% with a 34% disapproval rating.


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