One student who was interviewed for this story provided a great observation. Read below.

Campus Reform reports:

Yale event helps illegal immigrants find jobs

Yale University held an event Friday to help illegal immigrants get jobs.

The event, which was the Ivy League school’s third annual Equity in the Job Search symposium, aimed to “help participants recognize” supposed disadvantages faced by women working in STEM and to assist “undocumented individuals” with job searches, according to the event description. The event was geared toward graduate students but all Yale students were welcome to attend.

Billed as a forum to provide students the tools to equip them for a job search in the STEM fields, the event’s mission is to help others overcome bias. This is done by mixing career advice with “data-driven discussions of gender bias,” the description stated.

This year’s symposium featured a negotiation workshop, designed to showcase disadvantages faced by women during salary negotiations and how implicit bias impacts language used by men and women in job application documents.

In addition to gender-focused sessions, attendees were invited to panels and speeches directed at assisting “undocumented individuals” with the job search process. Funding for the event has historically included support from Yale’s Title IX Office, its Office of Graduate Student Development and Diversity, and its Office of Career Strategy, as well as various science departments at the school.

Yale student Carson Macik said in an interview with Campus Reform that while he agrees with the symposium’s goals of supporting women in STEM, “events like these can overlook some of the causes of the male-to-female representation in STEM fields.”

This is problematic, Macik says, because programs that operate under “faulty assumptions” only serve to further “manufactured crises” and therefore perpetuate “social divisions.”


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