It’s no secret that the left wants to impose the LGBT agenda on organized religion. This is just part of that effort.

The College Fix reports:

Professors link religion with queer and transgender studies at new academic conference

The scholarly rhetoric that aims to normalize queer and transgender studies within religious contexts got a big boost over the weekend when scholars from across the nation and beyond converged at a California university to discuss the topic.

The “Inaugural UCR Conference on Queer and Transgender Studies in Religion” aimed to dissect “the burgeoning subfield of queer and transgender studies in religion,” according to organizers.

“I think there’s not enough awareness of the way people are living out a variety of sexual and gender identities with a variety of religions and the ways in which that has always been true regardless of the religion we are talking about, regardless of the society,” said Melissa Wilcox, a professor of religious studies at UC Riverside who led the effort to organize the conference.

Wilcox’s books include “Coming Out in Christianity: Religion, Identity, and Community,” “Sexuality and the World’s Religions,” and “Queer Nuns: Religion, Activism, and Serious Parody,” according to the professor’s online bio.

“She is currently finalizing two textbooks focused on sexuality and queer studies in religion, and beginning work on two new projects: one, tentatively entitled Queering/Religioning, will be an exploration of theory at the intersection of queer studies, trans studies, and religious studies; and one, tentatively entitled Ecstasies, will focus on leather spiritualities,” the bio adds.


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