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UC Berkeley Spends Over $2 Million Per Year on Diversity Related Employees

UC Berkeley Spends Over $2 Million Per Year on Diversity Related Employees

“according to 2017 salary records obtained by Campus Reform”

What do these people do, exactly? Wouldn’t you love to sit in on a meeting where this expense is justified with data?

Campus Reform reports:

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: UC-Berkeley spends $2.3 million annually on diversity employee salaries

Each year, colleges spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, some even millions, in an effort to foster more diverse campuses. Universities allocate funds for diversity centers, peer groups, and inclusivity measures all designed to make non-traditional and minority students feel more welcome. What is unknown, however, is whether or not these pricey diversity efforts actually pay off.

At UC Berkeley, diversity-focused employees cost over 2.3 million dollars annually, according to 2017 salary records obtained by Campus Reform from the University of California Office of the President.

Campus Reform paired these names and salaries with the names and titles on the web pages for multiple Berkeley campus offices, like the Gender Equity Center. In total, of those listed in both the salary data and on the university’s website, Campus Reform found that Berkeley pays diversity-focused employees a combined annual total of at least $2,323,378 in gross wages.

Diversity-focused staff included in this analysis are employed in one of five campus offices: the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion, Campus Climate Community Engagement & Transformation Office, Office for Graduate Diversity, Gender Equity Center, and the Social Sciences Graduate Diversity Office.

Eight employees who are listed as working in one of these five offices were not included in the most recently available salary data, which is from 2017. Those eight individuals’ salaries were not included in the final total.


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This is very expensive virtue-signalling on the part of the university administration. Studies have shown that “Diversity Officers” rarely accomplish anything but to enforce rigid identity politics and posturing.

This is where some of the current “educated” graduates go to work. They’re not qualified for anything else.

JusticeDelivered | February 16, 2019 at 11:59 am

It would be interesting to tally costs of all politically correct things which are being charged to students. How much of college costs, what percentage could be saved? !0%, more?