Heather Mac Donald exposes the absurdity of the left and that makes her scary and dangerous, apparently.

The College Fix reports:

Student protesters offer ‘safe space’ from ‘Diversity Delusion’ author Heather Mac Donald

Heather Mac Donald provokes strong reactions in audiences when she speaks on campus. Black Lives Matter protesters repeatedly disrupted the author of “The War on Cops” when she spoke at UCLA nearly two years ago.

Her detractors at the University of Pennsylvania on Thursday night were better behaved. Yet even the presence of a university-sent “open expression observer” didn’t discourage the largely hostile audience from frequently interrupting Mac Donald.

They also tried to stump the Manhattan Institute scholar with questions, went off topic and snapped their fingers in unison when others in the audience answered.

Mac Donald spoke at the invitation of the Ivy League university’s conservative newspaper, The UPenn Statesman, about her latest book, “The Diversity Delusion.”

As word of Mac Donald’s pending appearance spread around campus, several groups organized protests. Campus police coordinated with the editor-in-chief of the Statesman to provide two detectives to escort her in and out of Steinberg-Dietrich Hall. They also discussed entry and exit points…

Several progressive campus groups invited supporters to join a “silent protest” against Mac Donald and her “hateful rhetoric” outside the lecture hall…

The groups also advertised “an open safe space in the Penn Women’s Center” for anyone who feels “uncomfortable or unsafe” because of Mac Donald’s presence on campus.