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School of Medicine at Georgetown Will be Fighting Microaggressions for ‘Years to Come’

School of Medicine at Georgetown Will be Fighting Microaggressions for ‘Years to Come’

“to interrupt or deescalate the situation”

Remember when medical schools fought things like cancer and other diseases? This is like something out of an episode of South Park.

The College Fix reports:

Georgetown’s School of Medicine will be fighting microaggressions for ‘years to come’

Georgetown University’s School of Medicine recently unveiled its Microaggression in Medicine campaign, a new initiative geared towards reducing bias among faculty, staff, and students. According to the School of Medicine’s Microaggression in Medicine page, the campaign will “seek to educate our community on the what, how, why, and what to do about microaggressions when they occur.”

A dean in the medical school, meanwhile, has confirmed that the school will be working on the campaign to fight such offenses for “years to come.”

Susan Cheng, the School of Medicine’s senior associate dean for diversity and inclusion and a Title IX coordinator there, told The College Fix that her office is “convening opportunities for students, staff and faculty to discuss participant experiences with microaggressions and to share out communication responses that help to interrupt or deescalate the situation.”

The Fix asked Cheng if any one particular incident had inspired the campaign, though Cheng did not directly answer that. “Building on the unconscious bias awareness trainings we have undertaken the last few years, we wanted to take a proactive approach to educating our community around microaggressions in medicine and to provide communication tools for our students, faculty, staff to engage in productive discussions,” she said.

Asked how the school would measure the success or failure of the campaign, Cheng said: “The Microaggressions in Medicine Education Campaign will be a continuous, ongoing effort, with student led dialogues and campus based workshops offered through the Office of Diversity & Inclusion in the years to come.”


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I would prefer any school of medicine to concentrate on teaching doctors how to treat patients. They’re not talking about doctors committing “microaggressions” against their patients, are they?

It sounds like the Office of diversity and Inclusion has come up with a way to keep themselves in business for years to come. Sounds like it will be as much fun as the HIPAA crap we had to deal with 20 years ago.