Does anyone on the left hear how stupid this sounds. I mean, really.

The College Fix reports:

Complaints about microaggressions at Drake U. demonstrate the chicanery of the concept

Students and faculty are questioning Drake University’s commitment to “creat[ing] a culture of inclusion” (as it says on its website) as many feel the “perspectives of people of color” aren’t really considered on the campus.

Late last year, Drake was embroiled in racial controversy following anonymous racist robo-calls and other “alleged reported and unreported harassment and microaggressions against students of color.” In response, students painted the aptly named Painted Street completely black to show solidarity with students of color, and the website of the student paper The Times-Delphic followed suit.

Unfortunately, five of those incidences of “alleged reported and unreported harassment” turned out to be bogus.

The spurious nature of those events hasn’t dissuaded minority students from fretting about being routinely subjected to microaggressions which, they say, “create an impact that communicates a fundamentally derogatory insult to a certain group,” the Times-Delphic reports.

The, er, “science” of microaggressions is already rather sketchy, and Drake Communication Studies Professor Godfried Asante (inadvertently) confirms just this:

“Microaggressions are very difficult to pinpoint and to bring up because it’s not like for instance the KKK or someone clearly discriminating against you, but they are very micro acts, that even sometimes when you’re acting in good conscience, it inadvertently reproduces this subjugation of another person,” Asante said.


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