When did Linda Sarsour become an expert on health issues?

Campus Reform reports:

Linda Sarsour speaks at UNC for…minority health conference?

The University of North Carolina will host liberal activist Linda Sarsour as a keynote speaker for a Minority Health Conference but failed to explain why Sarsour was qualified to speak on the issue.

Student organizers of the conference claimed via Twitter that Sarsour was “everything,” from community organizer to activist, but did not specify what unique insight she could provide to the Feb. 22 conference. Apart from attending John Jay High School in Brooklyn, New York, Sarsour’s only formal education consisted of taking courses Kingsborough Community College and Brooklyn College, the New York Timesreported.

By contrast, the conference’s other speaker, Dr. Tyrone B. Hayes, serves as an integrative biology professor at UC-Berkeley, a position he obtained after graduating from the school, as well as Harvard University. Hayes researches pesticides and the potential detrimental impacts they may have on public health, according to Harvard.

The UNC Minority Health Conference declared that it selected Sarsour, who serves on the board of the Women’s March, as speaker “due to her background and ability to speak about grass-roots advocacy” and another page defended the choice, saying Sarsour is “most known for her intersectional coalition work and building bridges across issues, racial, ethnic and faith communities.”

They did not list any qualifications related to public health, citing only her success as an activist and advocate.


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