This is a window into the mind of many campus progressives. They don’t want a debate! They want conservatives to go away.

The Daily Wire reports:

College Newspaper Writer Says It’s ‘Fine’ That Conservatives ‘Feel Their Beliefs Aren’t Welcome On Our Campus’

This week, a student penned an op-ed in the Washington University newspaper, Student Life, claiming that it’s “fine” if conservatives don’t feel welcome on campus.

Sean Lundergan, a staff writer for the independent student newspaper, wrote the piece after President Donald Trump delivered the State of the Union to “reflect on the young members of the ideological movement that created him.”

“Across the country at schools like ours, college right-wingers say they face social isolation because of their beliefs,” Lundergan wrote. He then cited an article published last semester in the student paper that profiled conservatives who experienced “negative social ramifications for their politics.”

“They feel their beliefs aren’t welcome on our campus,” Lundergan wrote. “And I’d just like to say: That’s fine.”

Lundergan went on to say that debate should not be stifled, but “dismissing unproductive conservative ideas can open up our opportunities for meaningful discussion.”

The student columnist then suggested that students don’t have time to discuss conservatism.

“It’s a logistical fact of living in human society that not every idea is fit for the public forum,” Lundergan wrote. “We only have so many hours in the day. In general, it’s taken for granted that some belief systems are either unnecessary or detrimental to serious discourse, and that’s especially important in an academic environment.”


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