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Activists at Dartmouth Protest Talk by ‘Fascist’ Dinesh D’Souza

Activists at Dartmouth Protest Talk by ‘Fascist’ Dinesh D’Souza

“dozens of students and community members protested the speech”

Progressives prove once again that they don’t want to debate ideas, they want you to shut up.

The College Fix reports:

‘Fascist on campus’: Activists target Dinesh D’Souza at Dartmouth

A talk by controversial conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza at Dartmouth College generated student protests, with activists calling D’Souza a “fascist” and a “racist” while attempting to disrupt his speaking engagement.

D’Souza came to the campus at the invitation of the school’s College Republicans chapter, The Dartmouth reports. Around 200 people attended the event.

In addition, “dozens of students and community members protested the speech,” the paper said.

Those protests took a variety of forms, according to The Dartmouth:

A group of 12 protesters gathered in the hallway signing protest anthems and carrying signs with messages like “Warning: fascist on campus,” “Fags against fascists” and “No platform 4 hate.” At various intervals, a few protesters entered the hall where D’Souza spoke and carried the signs through the crowd.

Some students made distracting noises during the speech, such as loudly tearing plastic wrapping off of water bottles. A pair of students draped in gay pride attire walked to the front of the room and passionately kissed while D’Souza spoke.

Ellie Gonzalez ’19 used protest to convey dissatisfaction in the College Republicans for bringing a speaker who has “acted with malicious intent towards queer people,” expressing determination to express frustration in a public, attention-drawing way.

“Our right to exist is not up for debate, and until they get on board with that, I’m going to show up to every event in my gayest outfit and protest any way I damn well please,” Gonzalez said.


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Voice_of_Reason | February 13, 2019 at 8:33 pm

Libtards keep using that word. I don’t think it means what they think it means.

Dozens….DOZENS! OMG, what a…..completely pitiful effort, I mean come on leftist, it’s hard to be angry with you when you are that pathetic.

The word has lost all meaning, kinda like racist

These leftist protesters are following in the path cleared by the late Marxist theoretician, Herbert Marcuse, who advanced the ideologoically charged notion of “selective tolerance,” that supported free speech only only those he considered marginalized and denied it to those in the dominant class. It was a clever, yet intellectually bankrupt, attempt to shut down his political opponents, and something one would expect of a Marxist whose philosophy is responsible for more deaths than political movement in the history of mankind.

The appellation “fascist” as a term of contempt had its origins dueing the Stalinist era when Stalin and his minions used the term to apply to any who did not toe the Stalinist line and fall under the control of the Comintern. Even socialists were not exempt if they opposed Stalin’s regime. Socialists in England, for example, were termed “social fascists.” Ironically, the communists and fascists were both of the left and two sides of the same collectivist coin. They were both totalitarian movements, one advocating the government ownership of the means of production (communists) and the other strict regulation of the economy and other activities. In both systems, the state was everything and the individual nothing. To paint fascism as a movement of the right is an absurdity, particularly in this country. The clueless leftists at Dartmouth are simply replicating the same tactics handed down by the Soviet masters that have been employed since the 1920s, and without a hint at self-reflection or understanding of history. They are no doubt egged on ny their communist and fascist professors. In truth, they represent the latest incarnation of academic fascism, but are too stupid to even understand what they are.