Donald Trump hosted the Clemson Tigers championship football team at the White House.

Trump served fast food hamburgers to the team. The media lost its mind.

But wait, there’s more.

Trump claimed the burgers were “piled up a mile high”:

A mile high? Such a claim would be understood by almost everyone to be a common idiom that does not literally mean a mile high.

But in the age of fact-check mania, The Washington Post fact-checked Trump’s boast in a full-blown analysis, not even a quick drive by hit job, President Trump’s extravagant, $3,000, 300-sandwich celebration of Clemson University:

There is one other asterisk worth noting. In other comments, Trump — in true Trump fashion — suddenly more than tripled the hamburger count….

FACT CHECK: At two inches each, a thousand burgers would not reach one mile high.

Had Trump instead invested his entire net worth — $3.1 billion per Forbes last year — on $5 sandwiches, each two inches high? A stack of hamburgers nearly 20 miles high.

Some reasonable reactions:

I’d say I’m surprised, but fact checking 1,000 burgers “piled up a mile high” has to be the perfect indication that the media has lost its damn mind.”

If you feel the need to fact check whether there were really one thousand burgers and if they were really “piled a mile high,” that says a lot more about you than anything else. Man, thank God for the Guardians of Truth. We’d be lost without them.”

I’m screaming: “Trump said at the banquet that he bought 1,000 burgers for Clemson and that “It was piled up a mile high.” The Post felt the need to fact check this ….”

Dude they fact checked him saying the burgers were piled a mile high im dead”


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