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University in Indiana to Segregate Students for ‘Racial Literacy’ Event

University in Indiana to Segregate Students for ‘Racial Literacy’ Event

“to undertake an innovative approach to racial equity on campus”

Why is segregation allowed to happen at all? And why does no one object?

Campus Reform reports:

Indiana Univ. segregates blacks from whites at ‘Racial Literacy’ event

Indiana University- Purdue University in Indianapolis is hosting a “White Racial Literacy Project” in order to address racial inequalities, including whiteness, on the campus. Speakers for the spring semester project will discuss subjects ranging from white privilege to “negotiating whiteness.”

“The purpose of this project,” the official project’s site says, “is to undertake an innovative approach to racial equity on campus by facilitating concrete efforts to address whiteness and racial inequities in institutional decision-making, the academic curriculum, and the campus.”

Attending students will be segregated into different time slots for Dr. Frances Kendall’s “White People’s Right to Be Wrong and Still Be Right” event that will be hosted on Feb. 6.

White faculty and staff will be the first to attend the seminar, having a two-hour time period to listen to the speaker. White students will be the second group to attend the seminar, having a one-hour-and-15-minute seminar. The entire black community of the campus including faculty and students will be the last to attend, for a one-hour time block.

Two other speakers will be hosted during the “White Racial Literary Project”: Dr. Paul Thomas, who will be giving a presentation, titled, “I Don’t Belong Here: My Otherness, My Privilege” and Dr. Amanda Lewis, who will speak on “Negotiating Whiteness in the Context of Contemporary Racism on Campus.”

The segregated time slots for Kendall’s event will also apply to the other two speakers, whose events Indiana University will host on March 6 and April 3, respectively.


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They keep talking about this “white thing” like it is something bad.

I didn’t hear anyone complaining about Harvard black students wanting a different, segregated graduation ceremony.
You seen what happened to the college that asked white students to stay home. was it evergreen? Let the shoot their selves in the foot and learn the hard way. If nobody reports on it less people care.

DouglasJBender | January 31, 2019 at 5:20 pm

What about very tan students? Or students with one white and one black parent? Do such students enjoy white privilege, while at the same time they are suffering from racial discrimination? Or maybe they just hate themselves too much to notice anything else?

    Seeing how scientists say that everyone is descended from Africans everyone should choose African American as their race. That would put a stop to these racists.

So racial segregation is now an “innovative approach”.
Because that was never tried before.