This professor was shocked to learn that many students keep their mouths shut to avoid punishment from the left.

Campus Reform reports:

UNC prof slams ‘indoctrination,’ ‘progressive police’

A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill professor slammed what he termed “indoctrination” and the “progressive police” at the school in a Thursday column.

UNC business professor Michael Jacobs argued that a substantial number of students at the school appear to be aware of a left-wing bias in a column for the Raleigh News & Observer.

Jacobs asked 40 Republican students at the school whether they thought they would be penalized for honestly answering an exam question, as opposed to attempting to satisfy the political beliefs of their professor. Thirty-eight out of the 40 students answered in the affirmative.

The professor expressed no surprise regarding the results, suggesting that his son, a former chair of the UNC College Republicans, as well as dozens of other students, teaching assistants, interns, etc., had articulated similar sentiments.

“One of my top MBA students, who I would categorize as moderate, recently told me that she will no longer participate in class discussions that involve social or political issues for fear of being branded by the ‘progressive police,’” the professor said.

Jacobs posed a similar question to students enrolled in his “Business, Politics and Public Policy” course, which contained 53 individuals from UNC, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. The UNC students most strongly indicated that they would be penalized for answering a question honestly instead of parroting their professor’s beliefs.

“This is a disgrace; and antithetical to a classic ‘liberal’ education whereby students are supposed to be taught critical thinking,” Jacobs stated.

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