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UCLA Student Paper Finds School’s Diversity Statement ‘Troublingly Bad’

UCLA Student Paper Finds School’s Diversity Statement ‘Troublingly Bad’

“insufficient to addressing the school’s alleged diversity issues”

Diversity is higher education’s unofficial new religion and those who don’t demonstrate enough faith will be punished.

The College Fix reports:

Student editorial: Faculty diversity statement is ‘troublingly bad’

The editors of a student newspaper have slammed one of their university’s attempts to address diversity on campus, calling it “troublingly bad” and insufficient to addressing the school’s alleged diversity issues.

The University of California, Los Angeles’s “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion statement” directs faculty applicants to mention “their past, present and future contributions to diversity and equity, which are then taken into account during the hiring process via a qualitative grading process,” the editorial board of The Daily Bruin writes.

This statement “encourage[s] applicants to attempt to appear as in touch with issues of social justice as possible – a litmus test of how progressive applicants are,” the board writes.

However, “UCLA has no way to ensure hired individuals will actually follow through on the equity, diversity and inclusion plans they lay out:”

The university’s evaluation template for applicant’s statements makes this evident. The evaluation form, which departments can modify, asks those in charge of hiring to grade a candidate based on arbitrary criteria, such as their potential to bring in students from underrepresented groups and their potential to engage in activities to remove barriers to higher education for these communities.

Just because a potential hire might appear likely to be inclusive toward students doesn’t mean they will actually create the change needed to make higher education more accessible.


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This inclusivity recruitment nonsense is a double down on stupid. Pretty please come in and do academic work because of your skin color or gender…please, please.

So it appears the student objection to this latest variation on the loyalty oath, is that candidates can just say the right things without having to prove their ability to pander to “diversity.”

We’ve lost the war. The fat lady is singing. It’s all over.

“Inclusion” is an anti-value. It disallows criticism, which is central to judgement and discernment, which are fundamental missions of academia.