The anti-police culture that has been cultivated by the left is disgusting.

The Washington Examiner reports:

College students offended by photo of slain police officer and Blue Lives Matter flag

After a photograph of a slain police officer went viral, students at the University of California, Davis took to Facebook to express their disgust.

In the photo, 22-year-old Officer Natalie Corona posed in a royal blue dress with a Blue Lives Matter flag flying in the wind.

UC Davis students leading the Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission suggested that the photo of the slain officer was racist and demanded that people stop circulating the image.

“The flag is blatantly anti-Black and disrespectful,” the Associated Students, UC-Davis Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission wrote on its now-deleted Facebook page. “We see it necessary to call-out all community members who continue to post and disseminate images of the Blue Lives Matter flag online. We would like to directly address that this flag represents an attempt by law enforcement to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement.”

The Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission also offered to provide help for students “triggered by this event and the circulating images of a flag that has been popularized by the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ crowd.”

“Flashing lights, sirens and increased police presence can be triggering to many Black and Brown people,” they wrote.

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