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The Social Justice Warrior Women Behind Gillette’s Men-Shaming Ad

The Social Justice Warrior Women Behind Gillette’s Men-Shaming Ad

You would know that the campaign is the brainchild of a woman whose past ad campaigns include an homage to female genitalia and menstruation blood.

Monday, I blogged about Gillette’s new ad which used the  30 year birthday of their slogan “the best a man can get” to shame all decent men for the actions of sleaze bags.

The ad campaign is premised on men not being “at their best” and having loads of work to do to satisfy the toxic feminism that’s weaseled its way into the current culture.

And you would know that the campaign is the brainchild of a woman whose past ad campaigns include an homage to female genitalia and menstruation blood. Shocking, I know.

The Daily Mail has more:

The director behind Gillette’s controversial new ad is a woman whose past work includes an ode to female genitals and a short film that explores ‘toxic masculinity’ featuring a protagonist whose life crumbles when he becomes addicted to steroids.

The Gillette ad, called ‘We Believe: The Best Men Can Be’, takes aim at bullying and sexual harassment and has been viewed more than four million times on YouTube around the world, although it is only being shown fully in the U.S.

But while it has amassed 85,000 likes, it has also racked up 347,000 dislikes with some of the 98,657 comments below accusing it of being ‘anti-male and anti-white’ and of ‘spreading pure propaganda and indoctrination.’

Kim Gehrig, the director of the new ad, is an Australian mother-of-two who lives in London, England, and has a lengthy history of taking aim at social ills through her work.

The commission for Gehrig was itself consciously social activism on the part of P&G, who found her through Free the Bid, a non-profit which tries to raise the profile of female and non-white advertising directors.

Somesuch’s portfolio shows that it shares Gehrig’s socially active approach, with notable campaigns that include Audi’s feminist 2017 Super Bowl commercial and an ad for feminine hygiene brand Libresse – which is sold as Bodyform in the UK – that offered a no-holds barred look at menstruation – including shots of blood and period sex.

Gillette has said it stands by the new campaign, which was informed by a survey in which it asked people across the U.S. what a man ‘at his best’ looks like.

According to the study, the most positive traits were honesty, moral integrity, being hard-working and being respectful to others.

The survey appears to have proved informative for Gehrig, whose film shows men stepping in to stop others harassing women on the street and breaking up fights.

‘We’re in a moment where these conversations about male behavior are becoming incredibly polarizing and they’re met with all kinds of outrage,’ Rachel Giese, the Toronto-based author of Boys: What It Means To Become A Man, told

‘Even the most reasonable conversations are met with a great deal of fear and backlash and outrage. So I’m not surprised [about the backlash] because of that.

Tell all men they’re responsible for the sexism and chauvinism of a few and step on a self-righteous pedestal when the backlash ensues, that’s about pitch perfect for what passes as modern feminism.

Doubling down on Monday’s post:

No one asked Gillette to step up and be another megaphone for insecure, Daddy-issue-laden, developmentally stunted women, and yet…

Gillette’s apology campaign is not progressive or edgy or even bold. It’s ignorant, juvenile, and quite frankly, disappointing.

Have these women ever talked to a man before? Because I’ve been married long enough to know telling men they’re awful is not supportive. It’s not helpful. Nor does it change any hearts nor minds. But it’s a great way to get them to completely tune you out.

That’s not something I’d expect apostles of toxic feminism to understand though as it would require them considering someone else’s life experience other than their own.

Gillette had an opportunity to praise men doing wonderful things, acting as role models, men “being the best they can be.” Instead, they opted for sanctimonious condescension.


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Sorry, Proctor and Gamble, Dollar Shave Club is now “The Best A Man Can Get” as they get my business. Toodles!

    Arminius in reply to scooterjay. | January 16, 2019 at 11:35 pm

    West Coast Shaving is a good alternative, too. I’ve been using the service for years. I used to use one of those five-blade Gillette razors where they’ll give you the razor for free but you’ll spend a fortune on the replacement blade modules.

legacyrepublican | January 16, 2019 at 6:26 pm

If it was a woman behind the ad telling men how to behave, can I call it “womansplaining?”

And if she is of the belief that men can do better with Gillette razors, where is her other ad showing how woman can do it better too with lady razors?

    healthguyfsu in reply to legacyrepublican. | January 16, 2019 at 8:46 pm


    This little gem cracks me up:
    “‘We’re in a moment where these conversations about male behavior are becoming incredibly polarizing and they’re met with all kinds of outrage,’ Rachel Giese, the Toronto-based author of Boys: What It Means To Become A Man, told”

    Have a man write a book called Girls: What it Means to Become a Woman and see what the reaction is from this group of vipers.

    I call it galsplaining; the feminists really get pissy when you call them gals.

    MattMusson in reply to legacyrepublican. | January 17, 2019 at 1:17 pm

    Remember that Women are more likely to buy a man’s razor blades than he is. So, they were targeting that poor woman by sympathizing with her plight.

There’s got to be some hedge funds doing great shorting companies who publicly cross a certain “wokeness” line. Dicks, Target, etc. now PG.

When she needs to call a cop, she should specify she only wants a female officer.

My fundamental problem with the ad: it lacks the charity it demands of the men it criticizes.

It’s funny. Men like my Dad were men being their best. Honest hard working men who loved God, fought for their country, honored their mothers and wives, and provided for their families. Feminists tore down the patriarchy and now they lament the results.

    Walker Evans in reply to labrat. | January 17, 2019 at 2:53 am

    As the old joke goes, “Funny you should mention it!” I am proud of my 22-year military career and quite often sport a ball cap celebrating it. Lately I have been questioned about why I wear such a thing and what the point is; in every case the questioner has been female and young. This is happening more and more frequently and if I try to explain their eyes begin to glaze and they tune out, as if I were speaking an unknown foreign language.

    Patriotism is once again starting to be viewed as “the final refuge of a scoundrel” and service to a higher ideal than self as a waste of time and effort, and likely a subterfuge for hidden, nefarious purposes. If this trend is more than a local anomaly it bodes ill for this country.

      paracelsus in reply to Walker Evans. | January 17, 2019 at 1:48 pm

      The questions for your answer is:
      What were they taught in K-12?
      What gender was 90+% of their teachers?
      The few men who taught them, had they been in the Armed Forces?

I wonder how this is going over with the NE Patriots. Wrong sport to have to play in Gillette Stadium. Might as well be playing in Summer’s Eve Stadium.

    Subotai Bahadur in reply to Pasadena Phil. | January 16, 2019 at 7:53 pm

    That is a point that should be made online repeatedly. “Summers Eve-Start Fresh Stay Fresh” Stadium is the only proper name for the Stadium sponsored by Gillette and P & G. Enlightened people online should demand the change or that P & G drop sponsorship of the stadium.

    Subotai Bahadur

Not quite a decade ago, the family courthouse in my county had wall to wall artwork purporting men as wife beaters. This is the same courthouse where DV trials and divorce proceedings took place. One of the Judges in that court house went on camera stating that this is reality. If you were a guy in a custody battle in that courthouse- you were screwed. I can introduce you to a dozen guys who were railroaded badly by that machine.

Incidentally – that Judge was married to the guy who counted the ballots in a the biggest county in our state during a hotly contested governors race which included 2 recounts. You know the story where ballots just kept magically appearing for the Dem candidate.

While I don’t buy into being perpetually outraged, it is important to swat this stuff down HARD.

Pretentious way to sell razor blades and shaving cream.

PS: I learned a long time ago that men respond to praise.

    Walker Evans in reply to Valerie. | January 17, 2019 at 2:55 am

    We respond to put-downs as well but not in the same manner.

    aka Hoss in reply to Valerie. | January 17, 2019 at 9:56 am

    I’m betting you’re a wonderful wife, Valerie. A little praise is nice from time to time, i don’t thrive on it, but the constantly being told we’re the evil incarnate destroying everything and everyone in it’s path is a bit much.

‘We’re in a moment where these conversations about male behavior are becoming incredibly polarizing and they’re met with all kinds of outrage’.

There’s only one answer to statements like this: Fuck off.

It’s polarizing because THERE IS NO CONVERSATION. There’s no discussion.

There’s you delivering a sanctimonious and condescending lecture about things none of us are guilty off and demanding we ‘be better’.

You can fuck right off. We’re sick of it.

Women like this one, who think there is a need to chastise all men, that masculinity is “toxic” and the rest of that nonsense, they have obviously not been around real men too much.
And that speaks volumes, but not about men, but about these women in particular.

You know the best way to get me not to do something? Get in my face and tell me I have to do it. Or try to make me feel crappy because I don’t do or haven’t done what you think I should do. You lost the battle as soon as you thought you could tell me what to do. Same principle here.

I’ve got my Grandfather’s double-edge razor down in the basement in his Navy cruise box. I think I’ll start using it with some non-Gillette blades.

This so-called “ad” is a short film on YouTube. So if I don’t go to YouTube and search for it, I will not be exposed to it. Let’s just ignore it, and not give Gillette, the director, the producer, etc. any buzz at all!

I won’t post a link but check out peta’s new shock video. Carrots and cucumbers tied onto the front of men’s pants with the guys doing a “dance”. To prove toxic masculinity or something.

This clown is almost as great a jerk as the jerks who hired him.

One might call him the Gidget Cortez of Gillette.

The Friendly Grizzly | January 16, 2019 at 9:31 pm

Lots of Harry’s ads turning up here at LI.

I am talking with a friend about having an on-line store for beard care products. Hairys.

    Grrr8 American in reply to The Friendly Grizzly. | January 16, 2019 at 11:04 pm

    Unfortunately Harry’s is at least as bad as Gillette — check out its “Social Mission” under the “About” tab on its web site.

    I was a Harry’s subscriber until a comment on another post about Gillette alerted me to Harry’s full-throated efforts to “combat” “toxic masculinity.”

    I cancelled my subscription within minutes of perusing the “Social Mission,” and then sent Harry’s an email telling it why.

    It appears that “Dollar Shave Club” is OK (at least there’s nothing to indicate otherwise on its web site.

      The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Grrr8 American. | January 17, 2019 at 7:08 pm

      I’m a reaonably intelligent man and have been around for a while. I just cannot understand why so many of these companies go out of their way to shoot themselves in the foof.

I did notice on Twitter after so many bad tweets Gillett purchased lots of positive tweets

What is the one thing most men do every single day that women do not do? Shave their face! Can a company be so poorly managed that they cannot see the stupidity of this? This is one of the manliest actions there is and they want men to feel ashamed of it? And this is their primary product? I don’t get it.

“We’re in a moment where these conversations about male behavior…”

Since when are sermons, diatribes and polemics considered ‘conversations’?

“…Kim Gehrig, the director of the new ad, is an Australian mother-of-two who lives in London, England, and has a lengthy history of taking aim at social ills through her work.”

I need to fix this statement.

“…Kim Gehrig, the director of the new ad, is an Australian mother-of-two who lives in London, England, and has a lengthy history of creating and exacerbating social ills through her work.”

Emotionally and mentally ill leftist feminists think it’s a problem that “boys will be boys.” Not only will boys be boys, boys should be boys and boys need to be boys. The problem is that boys are increasingly raised by women who think it should be illegal for boys to be boys and in fact boys should be girls. So now the leftists are trying to reengineer boys, much like the Soviets tried to reengineer human beings into the New Soviet Man (and in all fairness the New Soviet Woman).

Single moms are not good at raising boys. Almost all teachers are women. Men by and large don’t go into the field because for one reason they believe they’ll be suspected of being child molesters. Given you can hardly go a week without reading at least one story about an adult female teacher (usually married) having sex with 12 year old boys or something I don’t understand how women somehow avoid the child molester stigma, but for some reason they don’t.

Psychological studies, where psychologists and psychiatrists simply go to school playgrounds and observe, are very clear. Boys consistently play more roughly than girls. And they’ll also fight more than girls. But they react differently. For boys it’s essentially a bonding experience. Researchers found that boys usually ended up being better friends after fighting than they were before. It’s also how boys learn limits, and how they establish status within the group.

Girls, on the other hand are far more vicious even if they express aggression verbally in general. They are not friends after the fight; they hold grudges. How old the girls are determines how long the girls hold their grudges. Very young girls, say 5 year olds, usually get over the grudges pretty quickly. 12 year old girls will hate each other for the rest of the school year. Girls older than that will often hate each other for the rest of their lives. And they act on these grudges by trying to destroy each other, usually through a campaign of character assassination. It’s why you often hear about girls conducting these character destruction campaigns on social media until one girl commits suicide.

Primatologists have observed exactly the same pattern, particularly with Chimpanzees which are in many ways the closest behaviorally to human beings. When female chimps fight whatever friendships they might have had before are over, often for life. When male chimpanzees fight, often by the end of the day they’re grooming each other (again part of bonding). This behavior pattern serves vital survival goals for the male chimps. For one, male chimps will often hunt mid-size animals such as smaller monkeys. The rough play and the fighting prepares them for the dangerous task of such as chasing the monkeys through the tree tops. Female chimps almost always rely on foraging for fruits, nuts, berries, other edible vegetable matter, and if they require protein they rely on invertebrates such as termites (being tool using animals chimps will use sticks to “invade” the mound and when the termites attack the sticks they chimps pull them out and eat the termites clinging to the sticks). Actually I don’t know of any instances when female Chimps have been observed hunting anything larger but that doesn’t mean it never happens. It’s just that every time Chimps have been observed hunting larger prey it’s always been the males.

But some of the advantages the males gain are roughly analogous to the same advantages boys achieve. They gain status within the group and when they bond they form alliances. Male chimps rarely gain control of their troops by brute strength and aggression alone, and if they do they don’t last long as the alliances of other males will not put up with it. And again those alliances, the “political skills” they acquire to form those alliances so to speak, are necessary to end the tyranny of the excessively aggressive and violent chimps, ensure their own survival.

The lesson psychiatrists have learned by observing boys, and primatologists have learned by observing chimps, is that you do not fix a “violence problem” when the males don’t learn limits and fail to learn how to bond. What these mentally/emotionally ill leftist feminists are guaranteed to do is make things worse. Because they think it’s wrong for boys to be boys, and instead are trying to turn boys into girls. I don’t believe in “toxic masculinity” but if there is such a thing it’s because they’re going to create a generation of men who aren’t properly socialized. That makes them far more dangerous, and it makes the problem of male violence worse, not better. So congrats, leftist feminist morons. Look in the mirror and give yourself a round of applause.

    gourdhead in reply to Arminius. | January 17, 2019 at 10:44 am

    Very good post.

    Latus Dextro in reply to Arminius. | January 17, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    Thank you for your excellent post.
    Virtue signalling by pecksniffian transnational corporations in particular and identity obsessed neo-Marxists in general appears de rigueur. It is also increasingly their undoing.
    Dissociation from reality appears a growing phenomenon amplified by the dystopian feedback loop of ideologically riven social media, news and propaganda. Inevitably it becomes ever more jarring and obviously pathological.
    In the longer run, from a social and biological evolutionary perspective it is abundantly and reassuringly clear that it is a dead end.

DouglasJBender | January 17, 2019 at 1:16 am

Did the commercial include use of the song, “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”, by Shania Twain?

If Dollar Shave Club has any sense at all they’ll start a new campaign showcasing traditional men displaying traditional masculinity. I recommend this for the theme:

    Walker Evans in reply to daniel_ream. | January 17, 2019 at 3:14 am

    I heartily agree! If that music, and other tunes such as The March of Cambreadth don’t stir something in your soul, it’s likely you’re not a man at all!

Social justice is infamous for indulging in diversity (i.e. color judgment), including sexism.

That said, the best a man and woman can get is equal in rights and complementary in Nature.


Gehrig, like some many other feminists, is being her very own bully in her own very special way. Funny how they see their bullying behavior as righteous and not the hypocrisy it is.

Wonder how Kim Gehrig’s husband feels about her work de-maculating men ,, if she is married to a man. Would not be surprised if she was a LesBot ,,, just saying !

I can’t remember when I last bought razor blades. I have a beard, and when I do shave, I use my great grandfather’s straight razor. If it was good enough for Grandpa Dan, it’s good enough for me.

Gillette is just one P&G brand that deserves to be abandoned. Crest, Bounty towels, Tide, Febreze, and Mr. Clean can all be easily replaced by competitors’ products.

Response to this ad, at a modern-day Committee for Correspondence.

What is a man? A response to Gillette from Egard Watches.

Oh, and a few quick blasts from the past.

Including Barack Obama misbehaving to the delight of the fawning press.

This latest things has connections with the politics of the CEO, David Taylor

Especially this one, from 1989 which apparently the current commercial disavows:

Whoever is running Gillette’s account does not know what’s going on, falls for joke.

Contrary to what leftists and corporate managers thing, consumers ARE savvy, and they have memories.

Consumers are also aware of vote manipulation by those who control online commentary

and they recognize the actors in commercials, as well as their past, horrifyingly bigoted statements.

With heaps of heavy sarcasm

And cartoon drawn from phrases in the script

And snap reviews of the public response to the Gillette commercial

Annnnd, there’s a boycott brewing.


Meanwhile, on a totally different front, the story bust-up of a terrorist plot against the US has been spiked.

but there is a story about the US holding an anchor for Iran television, Mariah Hashimi, as a material witness.

Honey – I’m buying you some new razor blades from Gillette – I like their messaging.

This marketing is to women, not to men.

Try buying her personal hygiene products and see how that goes!

I haven’t grown a beard since 1975, but I’d grow one again if I had to depend on Gillette products to shave!

I don’t need to be moralized to by a bunch of piss-ant diversity and abortion-crazed execs and Madison Avenue advertisers.

I stick up for people being bullied and I don’t let people misbehave in front of women.

P & G must be using Dick’s Sporting Goods ad agency.

I hope with similar results.